Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: Jennifer from Style Your Life

I am beyond thrilled to be here on the House of Turquoise blog!
I have been a HOT blog reader for years, and eagerly await Erin's posts every day.
As a wardrobe stylist, I have another reason to love this color.
The amazing thing about Turquoise is it works for everyone!!
No matter what your skin tone is you can wear Turquoise, now how fun it that?

If you don't already own some of Turquoise clothing now is the perfect time!
Since we happen to be in the amazing summer season ( who doesn't love summer?)...
I put together an outfit to inspire you all, that screams summer!
This ensemble can take you from a day running errands to a dinner date.
It is classy, casual and comfy. Three looks every woman loves!

Thanks for having me Erin


Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Blogger: Virginia Roberts from Lovebug

Hi everyone, I'm Virginia! Like Erin, I'm totally obsessed with turquoise. I'm a new homeowner in Seattle who's still in the "paranoid and broke" phase, but I was determined to create a soothing space to meet with clients now that I finally have a home office.

Isn't the chair darling? It's from Pottery Barn Teen! I love how it complements the wall color... which is actually SEVEN different turquoises mixed together, free from a local paint drive, and I only paid $15 for painting supplies. That made me way more willing to take a risk by putting a very bold shade on the walls.

I'm probably a bit geekier than most of the amazing interior designers Erin features. I have a home business offering online dating consultations, and I do a lot of translation, writing, editing, and freelance work for tech and video game companies. I have like seven different blogs (OK, technically five), and I'm always working on nerdy side projects like a podcast, an iPhone app and an eBook about online dating. But I like to think I'm a bit more design- and décor-minded than your average technophile!

Yep, I even buy turquoise-colored tech accessories whenever possible. I couldn't find an iPad smart cover in a satisfactory shade of cerulean, so I bought a cream leather case and dyed it using Rit Aquamarine. My hunger for Caribbean tones will not be denied! Plus I use my tech regularly and it's always visible, so it might as well look awesome, right?

Friends and relatives definitely choose gifts that enable my turquoise obsession, and I occasionally splurge on affordable bits and baubles from local artists. (A couple of these paintings were even done by my craftier friends.)

And as you can tell, I adore houseplants—I seem to be collecting turquoise vases and flower pots in cute, eye-catching designs and textures, and I have a particular affinity for orchids. Lots of plants make my office feel like a healthier little space when I'm holed away in here for twelve-hour stretches.

I'm also kind of a stationery junkie; I like keeping a tray of cute cards, stamps, pens, wax and seals on hand so I can write proper old-fashioned thank-you notes and such. (I love looking at the fancy cards I buy, and having them on display helps me remember to actually send them.) I save old cards and calendars to create DIY backgrounds, like this little owl.

My biggest design challenges in this tiny space are managing cables, toeing the line between beautiful and ergonomically practical, and of course, keeping the clutter at bay. The corporate eyesore I can't get around is my sit/stand GeekDesk—a necessary evil since I need to type comfortably for long periods of time. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular for health reasons, but I sure wish they made 'em prettier. Maybe someday I'll replace the top with a gorgeous antique door that has a bit more character, or wallpaper the top of this one in a fun pattern. Does anyone have an attractive standing desk solution in their home or office? How about a magical formula for minimizing cables?

Oh, and I can't figure out what to do about the floor or the sad windows! Yes, I admit it, I still have those horrible stock beige metal blinds on there. What a faux pas. It's because I can't decide on a good window treatment option! Sheer gauzy whites, a bold patterned pop, or what? Corner windows are hard! I also need a cute anti-fatigue mat for when I use my desk as a standing workstation. Or, I could get a bold rug with a cushy pad underneath it. Decisions, decisions... Erin features so many gorgeous polished spaces, I'm kind of amazed with my own restraint since I haven't run out and bought every rug and pair of curtains I see featured here. Don't even get me started on lighting.

What do you think, HoT readers? Should I focus on the floor or the windows when I go for my next office upgrade? Will anything patterned compete too much with that busy desk chair? I'd love your input on how I can improve my turquoise on a budget. Thanks for letting me share my humble little office with you!


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Guest Blogger: Amanda from Dixie Delights

Hi Turquoise lovers - I'm Amanda from Dixie Delights and I’m beyond excited to be back at House of Turquoise today to share my guest room!! Just like in my den, the marsh and waterways of coastal Savannah were the inspiration behind this space.

So, let’s start from the beginning! Here’s the before…it was actually one of the best rooms in the house on move in day.
April 2009 091
And here’s the room with her new do…This room is my favorite of the lot. I could seriously move down the hall and never look back.March 2012 327 copy March 2012 338
Paint - Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth (walls) and Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim)
Curtains – Lacefield Designs Marrakesh in Cobblestone from Lewis and Sheron in Atlanta
Rod and hardware is Barley Twist from Antique Drapery Rod Company
Bamboo shades – JC Penney in pecan
Floor - unstained white oak
Rug - Indoor/Outdoor Leopard by Ballard Designs
March 2012 362 copy March 2012 379March 2012 377My parents purchased the four poster bed for my first apartment almost fifteen years ago. The brown quilt and standard shams are from Pottery Barn Pick Stitch line. I’ve had it for about five years and don’t see this color offered any more on-line. The flax colored linen euro shames and bed skirt are Horchow Essex in Flax. The long lumbar was made by my mother in the Lacefield Designs Marrakesh fabric. The sheets and duvet are from Target, with my gorgeous custom monogram from Savannah’s Number Four Eleven (store / blog).
March 2012 361 copyOver the bed I have framed a reproduction print of a white egret and two of my beloved Alison Evans oyster plates. I found the sconces at Home Goods at least ten years ago.
March 2012 341The vintage egg prints were collected over a couple of trips to Scott Antique Market in Atlanta and custom framed at Hobby Lobby. I fretted over where to hang these beauts…they’ve been up for consideration in nearly every room of my house over the last year and I’m happy to report they have now found their forever home.
March 2012 343The antique dresser holds a barnacle curiosity from Perch in New Orleans atop a stack of white books (dust jackets flipped inside out), a hand painted frame purchased on last year’s Rosemary Beach trip and a lamp I found at Stein Mart at least four years ago.
March 2012 332
March 2012 332
The antique mirrored chest (Honey gave to me for our second anniversary) holds a bunch of found driftwood from my most adored Seaside shoppe, Pizitz Home & Cottage. Above the chest is a vintage print of a blue heron and my two chalk painted antique plaques that Mother brought home from Beijing a few years back.
March 2012 358 copyThe chandelier moved with us from the guest room at our previous home. I was beyond excited to luck out with a lot of turquoise drops on ebay and think they just make the piece.
March 2012 372 copy
March 2012 368 copy
March 2012 382 copy

March 2012 375 copy March 2012 381 copyAt the foot of the bed I have my chalk painted chair and a darling antique bamboo legged table from my husband’s late Grandmother. Mother whipped up the pillow cover out of left over fabric from my den drapes (Basha Dot fabric has been discontinued.) I then attached burlap rosettes (purchased on sale at AC Moore for $1.50 each) and further embellished with bedazzled brooches from Macy’s (a steal at $7 a piece after a one day sale and coupon.) I made the Wisteria knock off oyster shell lantern last summer and placed it atop some of my favorite decorating reads from Charles Faudree and Bunny Williams. The finial was a free gift from a Sugarloaf Home tour attended a few years ago. The “Nest” sign was from an Atlanta must-shop of yore aptly named Nest. Sadly it is no longer around. I cannot for the life of me recall where I picked up the shell.

And that pretty much covers every square inch of the room.

Another sincere thank you goes to Erin for inviting me back to House of Turquoise!! Y'all come check out all my before and afters any time!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

I'm just popping in to wish my American readers a happy day!! I hope you all have so much fun celebrating! I'll also take any excuse I can to share Cristi's photos of her to-die-for, Wythe Blue-clad home! (Newcomers, do not waste any time, click here to see the tours of this incredible home photographed by Hiya Papaya!)

Happy 4th of July!!

Love turquoise? Visit my shopping blog Everything Turquoise...updated several times throughout the day! Check out Decor by Color for even more color-themed shopping!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guest Blogger: Heather from Vivid Hue Home

What? You think just because Erin is on vacay this week that we can't have any fun? Pack away those turquoise tissues (though we do miss you, Erin) and get your aqua luggage in the station wagon... Vivid Hue Home is taking you on an adventure. (Oh, by the way, you may remember me for my sun room tour that House of Turquoise so graciously featured).

Courtesy of
Before you jump into your bikini and dive into your very own balcony pool in Mumbai, I should let you know that I have a different sort of adventure in mind...

Aquaria Grande in Mumbai
After all, this is a holiday week for many people which means picnics, barbecues and fabulous feasts. Rather than gallivanting off to some exotic, far-away place, I thought we'd explore dining spaces that would serve as perfect hosts to your fourth-of-July celebrations no matter where you are hosting the gig.

New York City based designer, Miles Redd, designed this serene dining area. How perfect for a casual yet elegant affair with a few of your closest friends. This NYC apartment boasts terrific views of the Hudson river, sure to be a crowd pleaser for watching the city fireworks.

Miles Redd
Take the party outside, Napa-style. Turquoise becomes the perfect accent to a burlap and farm-to- table style celebration. Drink a little vino, draw 'sky art' with sparklers and make memories with your besties.
Why not add these ultra bohemian-chic accents to your table? When I initially discovered Roberta Roller Rabbit, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. Her designs include a collection of hand block printed fabrics, a craft perfected over hundred of years by artisans in India.
Roberta Roller Rabbit
Maybe you're feeling a little more like a 'Golden Girls' celebration this week. You know, a little Palm Beach, Florida in the sixties? Sure, there's the fun banana leaf decor-- but why not retreat to turquoise bamboo chairs and a coral reef chandelier. Your guests are sure to feel exotic!

Celerie Kemble
If the above settings seem a little 'hoity toity' for the holiday, let's bring this down to Earth. This vintage trailer might be just the intimate setting you are seeking for your festivities. Dawgs, burgers, smores. In the trailer. Perfect.
The Fancy Farmgirl
And finally, let's be honest here. Sometimes you just want a patriotic celebration with good ole fashioned red, white and blue aqua...
Better Homes and Garden

Southern Living
Whatever the case, I hope you've enjoyed your journey with Vivid Hue Home. My philosophy is that you should have fun with design. Don't be timid to mix and match patterns and styles. Use color. Mix antique with modern, flea market with new. Have fun. Show your personality. You can't go wrong by doing what feels right. If you feel the same, please pack those bags and give me a visit. You're welcome at my house (tour) any time!

Enjoy a safe and happy fourth-of-July week!

xoxo Heather from Vivid Hue Home

Monday, July 2, 2012

Guest Blogger: Liz from Shorely Chic

Hi Everyone! I'm Liz from Shorely Chic and I am absolutely thrilled to be here on House of Turquoise with all of you today. Shorely Chic is all about embracing the beach chic lifestyle through daily tips on interior design, fashion, home decor and entertaining. Today I am going to share with you my top five tricks of the trade on creating a chic look reminiscent of the beach in your home, and of course, with pops of our beloved turquoise :)

1) Wherever you can, go natural. Bring the beauty of nature inside with rattan accent furniture, jute or seagrass rugs, and straw decor. Often times very affordable, natural pieces keep the look casual and chic and serve as a nice neutral variant against the other colors and patterns in the room:

2) White paint is your friend!! My go-to is Farrow & Ball's Great White, no. 2006 as it works wonders with natural light. I like to use white paint wherever I can because it really opens up the room and lets the light in. It keeps things bright and allows the rest of the room pop - you can go anywhere with it.

3) Not to be too obvious, but use the gifts from the sea! Seashells, coral and sea fans are natural wonders and are the perfect accessories to fill your shelves, lay atop books on a coffee table, anywhere really:

4) Have fun with it! Be bold and bring in an unexpected element like a surfboard:

or a boat!:

5) Embrace the lifestyle. Invest in a nice hammock, outdoor furniture, a porch swing and RELAX:

Thank you all for having me here today, I hope you enjoyed the tips and photos on creating a beach chic lifestyle in your home. My biggest thing is to create the look naturally and slowly over time -- let the light in, use materials from nature, show off your seashell collection, and most of all, have fun with it!

If you like what you saw here today, please take a visit to my blog Shorely Chic & shop my Etsy collections here :)

And lastly, thank you Erin for this incredible opportunity, and for your blogging support over the past three years. I have and always will be an admirer of H of T!

xo, Liz
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