Monday, December 17, 2012

Michel Van Devender

How often do we get to see a turquoise Christmas tree?! So fun! This festive Charlotte, North Carolina home belongs to Michel Van Devender, a designer at Lisa Sherry Interieurs and was featured in the recent Holiday issue of Lonny. I loved Michel's bit of of advice: "Let your home tell the story of who your family is and how you live. People are interesting and have personalities, and so should their homes." Yes! And from I'm seeing above, this is one fun family! You can read all about the home and see lots more photos by Patrick Cline right here!

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Sophie said...

Love the turquoise Christmas tree! ...I didn't even know that was an option! :)

Laura Trevey said...

OMG ~ LOVE the blue tree. How cool is that??? That kicks things up a notch!!

SizzleandZoom said...

This is put together so well. Beautiful and interesting.

EyLindi said...

Hi, does anybody know, where is that sweet turquoise table from on the first and the third picture? I've already seen it in brown somewhere but I cannot remember the design...and I'm desperately looking for it! Thank you in advance! Btw your blog warmthens my heart, I too love turquise :)

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

EyLindi- Thanks for your kind words! :) I'm pretty sure this stool is it:

Interlocking Rings Stool

EyLindi said...

Hello Dear, Thank you so much, I check it now! Keep on blogging, so we can keep on reading! Cheers :)

Jone Mark said...

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