Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turquoise in the Lowcountry

Talk about curb appeal! Here is your first installment of vacation pics! The Lowcountry between Charleston and Savannah is filled with some of the prettiest homes I've ever seen! The cutest front porches and piazzas with their Haint Blue ceilings, the biggest live oaks and pretty palmetto palm trees that seem to perfectly frame every home, and so much history to go along with the was easy to imagine what life must have been like so long ago! Above were some of my favorite homes in Charleston, Beaufort, Palmetto Bluff and Savannah–click on those to learn more about each place! I still have lots more photos to share, but I hope you enjoyed seeing these homes as much as I did!

**I want to give big thank you to my photo-assistant/driver/cute husband Chris who helped me take all of these pics! How many times I said "Stop! Hold on! I have to take picture!" I'm blessed with a very patient and supportive partner! :)

I also have an exciting update on this week's Plush Pumpkin giveaway! The generous LoveFeast Table girls want to make the giveaway even better! There will now be TWO winners! In addition to someone winning the turquoise pumpkin trio, another House of Turquoise reader will win this adorable Large Plush Acorn Nest in Turquoise! So be sure to enter the giveaway right here if you haven't already! Thanks LoveFeast Table!! 

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TwoThirtyFiveDesigns said... I am in LOVE with all of these fabulous homes!

Holly {CookClickDanceBaby} said...

Charleston is THE BEST!!! Your pics make me wanna go right now. Love, love, love!!

Andie said...

It sounds like you've fallen in love with the area like I have. I visit as often as I can and have dreams of living there someday. It's absolutely enchanting.

Mary @ At Home on the Bay said...

What an amazing home tour ... and all that turquoise ... swoon!

ellen said...

Loved looking through these, especially because Charleston is my hometown! Made me a little homesick, actually. :)

Merlin said...

:) I luv'd blue ceilings before I even knew "haint." Just installed a "haint blue" ceiling in our boathouse! The acorn plush is so nice!! franki

Carole said...

You take great photos you should do it more though I love everything you show. You do have a patient hubby mine hates when I want to stop to take photos.
ps I so want to paint my house blue but I will have to settle for painting the trim or door.

Mrs. DeVore said...

love, love, love these homes! Charleston is my favorite!

Laurie said...

OMG I think I want to move to the Low Country!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip inthe South with us! As aNew Englander (Vermont) I love to see homes with haint blue painted porches, draping trees and all of the different from here. I hope to travel to Charleston some day ;)

Christy Davis said...

Great shots!! I absolutely love charleston!! Thankfully I live super close so I can visit as often as I like. Hope you got to eat at some of their amazing restaurants!

The Sterling Cherub said...

OMG, Erin, these pics are gorgeous! I'm *loving* this style architecture so much - the tin roofs? *Sigh!* What's the saying? "Lord let me die on a sleeping porch with a tin roof during a summer rain at twilight." When I first saw the pics, I was wondering where they were from, then instantly thought, "Oh, these are Erin's vacation pics ... nice!" while simultaneously thinking, "OMG, poor Chris!" I can just hear you saying "STOP THE CAR!" and Chris having to hit the brakes at every other house. You guys must have had so much fun. Cannot wait to see the rest of your pics!

Thanks for sharing,


Kim@todayismysome-day said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing the images of the Low Country. I live in Savannah, and enjoy all of this beauty!

Isabelle - laminutedeco said...

Beautiful pictures. I'd love to go there.

Laura Trevey said...

Mu sister went to College of Charleston and we loved visiting her!! The most gorgeous houses ever... so fun Erin :)

wendy said...

delicious photos - thanks so much

How2home said...

I think im in love with low country! These homes are stunning!

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