Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Niki Kantor Rubin

My oh my, is this fun or what?! The energetic living room belongs to Niki Kantor Rubin, the owner of Papery and Cakery, a blog and boutique where she sells and designs couture invitations. (You may remember her adorable nursery I featured last year, boy those cuties have grown!) This colorful space is so stylish, it's hard to believe it's also family and pet-friendly! I love her fab paint chip art on the walls, it looks perfectly paired with the Novogratz family rug! (I didn't even realize it was the 'family' rug right away, I think it looks better here!) The gorgeous photographs by Shelley Arminio sure captured the energy of the space too! Love it all!! To see more of the space and learn about all the sources, just visit Niki's blog here!

I'm still in High Point but am headed home this afternoon. Can't wait to share with you some of the beautiful things that I've seen! I will tell you this much, the people here are so nice, I hate to leave! Southern hospitality at its finest!

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Ashley said...

that rug is amazing.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

I'm good with any couch that a dog and two adorable kids can lounge around on!

I am dying to see your finds from High Point. Don't leave us in suspense!

Carla Tomas said...

Great color scheme!!! Love the pillows. <3
xo Carla


SizzleandZoom said...

I like seeing original ideas for art in the home. This is fantastic!

Dallas said...

I really like the paint chip art on the wall. It is outstanding. Oh, I like the rug too. I would put both on the wall and floor

teresa said...

thanks for sharing this beauty!

Robin Robin Robin said...

I've LOVED using paint chips as Art installations for years... it is a powerful way to make a high visual statement and completely customize it to your scheme and decor. BEAUTIFULLY done in this space... friendly, useable, fresh and flirty. Great Job

International Decor said...

i like this color

golden house said...

you have fantastic states :)

Jone Mark said...

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