Monday, September 24, 2012

Guest Blogger: Kelly with Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs

Hi! I'm Kelly Kole with Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs. We are big fans of Erin and equally obsessed with the mesmerizing color of Turquoise so it is our pleasure to be guest blogging today!

Two years ago, I redesigned my family room (this just shows you the staying power of Turquoise!). I've been dying to share this special room with House of Turquoise readers.

The inspiration for my design was this whimsical houndstooth fabric from Wesley Hall.

When I was creating the fabric palette, I instantly started to drool over this turquoise velvet. This velvet now adorns what is affectionately called "Mommy's chair" - i.e. if you're sitting there, and I come along, you better get up!

Next I fell in love with these lamps from The Natural Light Company's custom color ceramic program. Turquoise, linen and lucite = yummy! (Plus they are really tall and are 3-way which is key for me!)

Then.... drumroll please... the pièce de résistance as they say - an original piece of art by Atlanta artist Kim Schuessler called Ring Around the Rosies. Besides the fact that this particular piece reminded me of myself and my two (blonde) daughters, the little turquoise bird was the clincher! What are the chances (well, great actually cuz everybody loves turquoise!).

It's the little touches that always make a difference - right? Like the delicate turquoise coaster my glass of Pinot Grigio must sit on every night.

This is a room our entire family genuinely enjoys. The nice thing about turquoise is that it is a hue that can be infused into an existing space - especially when it's simply used as careful pops of joy!

All photos by Oana Hogrefe Photography


Musette said...


Welcome! That chair is GORGEOUS!!!! Your room looks so inviting! love your dog, too. I couldn't have that room, alas, as I have Rottweilers - and they shed black hair like somebody is paying them a dollar per hair! LOL! We pair our turquoise with brown and black! :-D

therelishedroost said...

What an inviting, happy room! I love the pops of color and that art work is wonderful!
:) Karolyn
The Relished Roost

Cyndia said...

That is a beautiful room, and you have combined two of my favorite things, turquoise and velvet in that chair!
Is that a turquoise elephant I spy in the lower corner of that last pic? Would love to know more about that!

Geri Looker said...

Lovely room, very relaxing. Its unusual to see velvet nowadays. I love velvet its so warm, rich and inviting.
I have a penchant for duck egg blue right now it goes with so many things. So I can understand you uber excitement for turquoise. Great pectures!

Lisa Mende Design said...

I love Kelly! She is wonderful and her work is fab! So happy you had her Erin! Great post!

Liz Carroll Interiors said...

What a FAB room Kelly! Great blog post! Love, love to see your smiling face!!!

Karen Joy said...

What can I say except - LOVE!

Dianne said...

LOVE your room Kelly

Christy Davis said...

absolutely love Kelly, such a fabulous woman!! Her room looks great!!

Indonesian Furniture said...

That is a nice picture and beautiful room.

How2home said...

Beautiful space Kelly!

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Clipping Path said...

So beautiful! I'm getting such awesome ideas from your blog posts - thank you for sharing these amazing pics!

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