Monday, July 2, 2012

Guest Blogger: Liz from Shorely Chic

Hi Everyone! I'm Liz from Shorely Chic and I am absolutely thrilled to be here on House of Turquoise with all of you today. Shorely Chic is all about embracing the beach chic lifestyle through daily tips on interior design, fashion, home decor and entertaining. Today I am going to share with you my top five tricks of the trade on creating a chic look reminiscent of the beach in your home, and of course, with pops of our beloved turquoise :)

1) Wherever you can, go natural. Bring the beauty of nature inside with rattan accent furniture, jute or seagrass rugs, and straw decor. Often times very affordable, natural pieces keep the look casual and chic and serve as a nice neutral variant against the other colors and patterns in the room:

2) White paint is your friend!! My go-to is Farrow & Ball's Great White, no. 2006 as it works wonders with natural light. I like to use white paint wherever I can because it really opens up the room and lets the light in. It keeps things bright and allows the rest of the room pop - you can go anywhere with it.

3) Not to be too obvious, but use the gifts from the sea! Seashells, coral and sea fans are natural wonders and are the perfect accessories to fill your shelves, lay atop books on a coffee table, anywhere really:

4) Have fun with it! Be bold and bring in an unexpected element like a surfboard:

or a boat!:

5) Embrace the lifestyle. Invest in a nice hammock, outdoor furniture, a porch swing and RELAX:

Thank you all for having me here today, I hope you enjoyed the tips and photos on creating a beach chic lifestyle in your home. My biggest thing is to create the look naturally and slowly over time -- let the light in, use materials from nature, show off your seashell collection, and most of all, have fun with it!

If you like what you saw here today, please take a visit to my blog Shorely Chic & shop my Etsy collections here :)

And lastly, thank you Erin for this incredible opportunity, and for your blogging support over the past three years. I have and always will be an admirer of H of T!

xo, Liz


livesimplybyannie said...

Love this post!! So many great interiors!

Nancy said...

This is so beautiful. I love it all. Thanks for sharing!

Luciane at said...

I love your post! You can almost "taste" summer around here!!!

Wishing you a really blessed week!


Luciane at

Funky Homo sapiens™ said...

Oh, what a heavenly post! I absolutely adore the rowing boat feature in the Elle Interior pic. I have a huge plum tree branch in my bedroom, but that boat is definitely much more interesting and rather rad choice actually, heh:)

SizzleandZoom said...

This is a post full of favorites for me. I love the bar stools in the second photo and the coffee table in the first and the mixture of the blue and white coral in the bookshelves and the pool house is absolutley beatiful!

helen tilston said...

Hello Erin

I love this post and smiled at the image where there is a boat on the ceiling. Don't know if I could sleep comfortably beneath it.

I am your new follower. I look forward to your visit and comments

Helen xx

Dallas said...

Boat on the ceiling? Very clever!

Nine Photography | Dallas Wedding Photographers said...

In love with each and every room but the boat on the ceiling is quite amazing.

Margarete Aguiar said...

Parabéns.Seu blog é inspirador. Também gosto muito da cor e da pedra turquesa e, por isso, é a cor do meu blog. Se quiser ver, olhe meu blog

James Henry said...

Charming interior and the colors are so lovely! It was just a nice place to spend quality time with love ones. Thanks for posting

genevieve said...

so relaxing. love this series. crisp white with incredible color. ahhhhh......

Wind Mitigation Rockledge said...

Spectacular home interior.. Beautiful color contrast given to each of the elements.

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