Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: Jennifer from Style Your Life

I am beyond thrilled to be here on the House of Turquoise blog!
I have been a HOT blog reader for years, and eagerly await Erin's posts every day.
As a wardrobe stylist, I have another reason to love this color.
The amazing thing about Turquoise is it works for everyone!!
No matter what your skin tone is you can wear Turquoise, now how fun it that?

If you don't already own some of Turquoise clothing now is the perfect time!
Since we happen to be in the amazing summer season ( who doesn't love summer?)...
I put together an outfit to inspire you all, that screams summer!
This ensemble can take you from a day running errands to a dinner date.
It is classy, casual and comfy. Three looks every woman loves!

Thanks for having me Erin



natalie / half asleep studio said...

Cute outfit! Those shoes are awesome, but I think I'd be too ticklish!

StagerLinda said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect! Love that anyone could wear it! Those sandles are too cute!

Wendi said...

Question--I'm on the curvier side of the size chart. (14/16) Can I really wear white jeans??

Karena said...

I am loving the light blouses and tunics for summer!! Perfect!

Art by Karena

Merlin said...

Packing as I read this...check, check, check!!! franki

sheds for sale said...

I really love the looks except the white pants. It is definitely a no no for me. But everything else is perfect and I am very grateful for the share. Nice post!

Jennifer said...

@ Wendi YES you can wear white jeans! It is just a matter of finding the most flattering fit!

gucci said...

夏を期待して、さまざまな花に出会って似た季節、どこにあることにかかわらなくて、GUCCIgucciの付き添いがいて、あなたは同様に最も閃くハイライトになることができます!!グッチ 財布それはひっそりとしていて、優雅で、復古して、高貴で、しかしあまりきれいな色彩がなくて、あまり華麗な修飾と、ただし静かに遠い美感を送ります!!

okhan said...

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Anonymous said...

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