Friday, April 20, 2012

Guest Blogger: Helen from A Brit of Happiness

Hello Everybody, my name is Helen, and I am visiting today from A Brit of Happiness. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to guest blog here on House Of Turquoise!

My blog is just a baby! It is just taking it's first steps, but I am loving every minute of it ;-)

We are a home diy, craft project, inspiration of sorts blog. Yep, I think that pretty much covers us!

Well, like Erin, my favorite color is also turquoise! So far, every room that we have painted downstairs is a different shade of turquoise!

I am working at transitioning our house into a Beach Coastal Home and today I would love to share with you the Beach Coastal Family Room Makeover I recently completed!

I should say the inspiration for my Family Room Makeover began with one thing. THE COLOR!! That color came from reading a post that Erin did here on the color Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. I knew instantly that this was the color I wanted for our Family Room. It seemed to have a mix of grays, blues, and greens in it. Which I felt was so soothing!

I have been working on this room for a few weeks now!

Keep in mind, I need to finish the curtains with some chartreuse horizontal stripes, and I still haven't had a chance to paint my wall art for above the doggy bed, but that will get done soon enough, I hope ;-)

Well, I won't keep you waiting.

Here is the BEFORE...

Everything was sprayed beige, even the ceilings, when we moved in. We opted to not have windows on either side of the fire place so that we could have a large built in from wall to wall. The window frames were knocked out to allow for really nice finished off framed out windows!

Here is the AFTER...

I love this shot because it shows the rooms true color, but I hadn't finished the curtains and blinds off in this shot.

Here is the room completed. We added the blinds, which I ordered on overstock. You can find them here.

Then we put up the curtains and curtain rods, but not in that order ;-) We bought both the curtains and rods from Target.

I am going to add some chartreuse colored horizontal stripes to the curtains when I can actually find some fabric that matches the pillows. It has been much more difficult finding fabric than I expected, but I will keep looking.

I still haven't gotten a chance to make my art piece for the wall area above the dog bed, but hopefully I can get it done in the next few days and give you a tutorial on it later this week.

Ok, so from this picture, you might think, ahh the lights in the cabinet add a nice touch.

So did I until we put them up and after a little while,

the hubs said "Why did you turn off the lights?"

My reply, "I didn't."

His reply, "Ha Ha Ha, so that's what they meant by 30 minute lights!"

Yep, 30 MINUTE LIGHTS! So if I want a little ambiance, I have to get up every 30 minutes and turn these "suckers" on with none other than my long trusty level, since I am not tall enough to reach. The only bonus is the exercise I get from getting up and down ;-). So much for trying to go cheaper and get some battery operated touch lights.

In my future plans, I hope to have some nice recessed lighting in the ceiling that will shine down on each side of the bookcases!

Ok, this maybe my favorite find for the room, it's hard for me to decide. It was $12.99 at HomeGoods. Now I would like to say that I got it because as soon as I saw the #24 on it, I thought "Oh wow, my house growing up was #24," but not so. More like I just loved the color and look of it and my mum was the one who pointed out the significance of the number and said, "I bet that's why you got it." Sure Mum, sure!

I really like this lamp for a few reasons, one, it's silver. I think silver, or gold for that matter, is the secret to finishing off any room. If you look at almost all of Candice Olson's rooms on HGTV, she adds silver through out her rooms to add a bit of glamour and sparkle and finish things off nicely!

Another reason I really like this lamp is because of the swirl design on the base. Kind of a "rolling waves" effect. If you go simple with other areas of your design, i.e. couches, woodwork, and pattern, then you need some layers of interest in the room and I think this lamp does the trick!

The "glass bubble ball," (again this is a very important technical term) was purchased at Ross for $6.99. I love a good bargain!

I think it is a fun touch. Bubbly water and coral, anyone for scuba diving?

I was able to pick up a bag of "finger star fish" at Marshalls for around $12.00. So I have been using them throughout my house. I have them in my morning room glass jars and I used them to make Starfish Art. The candle and candle holder were both purchased at Target.

I also purchased this big beautiful shell at HomeGoods! I could live in that place, HomeGoods, not the shell!

Remember Nora. The lovely whale I purchased when I started decorating this room. Well, she was very lonely until I found her "true love" Pip. Nora came already named, but Pip was all alone on the shelf at Homegoods with no name, so we adopted him, named him, and brought him home. (P.S. Don't tell Pip, but when I was in S. Carolina at a different HomeGoods, I found Justin, a hammer head shark. Pip might get jealous of Justin and I wouldn't want a love triangle, so Justin is going in another room. Crisis diverted!!

Strong and handsome Pip.

The minute I saw the driftwood balls spheres (it just sounds better) at Crate and Barrel, I knew they were coming home with me. I got one small and one medium sized sphere. What shelf wouldn't look good with a little bull dog bling? He is the guard dog around here, since our real bulldog is too much of a "softy" to harm anyone!

Here is the momma driftwood sphere. What do the owls have to do with the ocean, you may wonder, well I have no clue ;-) I have had these guys for awhile and can't seem to part with them. They may find a new home somewhere else in the house, but for now they will live at the ocean.

I was so excited to find these storage baskets at Target. I really like how the color and texture of them adds warmth to the room.

See just when you were worried that these book shelves weren't gonna' house any books, I shocked ya! I am working at becoming an elementary teacher, so I have to show how important it is to read, right? Even those these books are mostly pictures, Shhh!

I found all of the Coral for the bookshelves at Marshall's Dept Store. They currently have a really nice selection of beach themed items.

I bought the chartreuse green pillow at World Market and the gray blue flowery pillow from Target.

This is the fan we went with for the Family Room. It is "humungo." I purchased it at Lowes.

I like the way each blade is different. I think it has a really cool driftwood look to it!

My vintage ladder accents the wall as a "multi tasker." He can hold blankets and cover large ugly wall vents, what more could you ask for!

Hello new projects that I love! You can check here for the "how to" on my pallet doggy bed and here for the vintage ladder redo.

The ladder was purchased from a lovely shop called Everything Vintage, Co. Both blankets were purchased at Marshall's.

I would love to hear back about any thoughts you have about the Family Room Makeover. Have a fantastic week and don't forget to come over and check out the Morning Room Makeover, painted in Quietude by Sherwin Williams and our Beach Coastal Bathroom Makeover: Part I, painted in Tidewater by Sherwin Williams. Both are really pretty turquoise colors!

Thanks again Erin, for allowing me to share my Makeover with your readers!


Karen said...

Your room looks great & I love all of your special touches. As far as your striped curtains, instead of finding fabric that matches, why don't you take your pillows to the paint store & get some matching paint to do the stripes. That's what I did in my bedroom & it is so easy. Good luck!

Brynalyn said...

I really love your writing style! I'll definitely come visit your blog :) I also really like your bookshelf styling because it's so uncluttered and pretty. Thank you for sharing your room!

kate said...

Awesome before and after! Where did you get your console table and coffee table? I love them!

Merlin said...

You ROCKED this! A lot of work, I know, but endless enjoyment! franki

Renee Stephens said...

Beautiful job! I too have Rainwashed in my family room/kitchen and I LOVE it. Of course, I'm getting ready to change it because it's been 3 years and our home is ever evolving but I really do adore it. May have to do it in the guest room just so I can visit it from time to time. =)

Great job guest blogging for Erin!


Katherine said...

Well Erin left her blog in good hands while she moves. Your family room is calm and inviting.
IKEA probably offers an easy and inexpensive solution to your 30 minute lights..... a room is never done, right.

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback and comments!! Karen,thanks for sharing about matching a pillow to the color of the paint. That is a great idea! I was hoping to find material so that I didn't have to make it permanant, but I may end up heading your route. :)

Karen @ The Quaint Cottage said...

I adore this room! The bookshelves, the color and the furniture. It looks like a room I would want in my own house. Nice job.

Shana said...

Love it. Love the builtins!!

Chelsea said...

Your rooms is absolutely beautiful! I are in the middle of a living room redo myself--and am wondering if you knew the name of the fan you bought from Lowes? I am in dire need of a replacement for my 80's beast of a fan.

Thanks and bravo again!

Chelsea said...

Ha, pardon the typo. I AM in the middle of a redo....

Susan (glorygivers) said...

Gorgeous, peaceful, personal just whispers "relax and enjoy". We decorate 'coastal' style too,even though we live on a golf course....we just pretend the fairway is the coast. :-)

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

It is so great to check back in and see all of these awesome comments :) I appreciate it!
Chelsea, the fan is Harbor Breeze 70" Kingsbury Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan (ENERGY STAR). It looks like it has darker blades in the pic, but the opposite side of the blade is lighter and that is what we went with. We love it! I even put the same one in my master bedroom too.

Susan, I can't agree with you more! If I squint my eyes and look at the pond(swamp) at the back of our house, I pretend we are on the water front ;)

Jenny said...

Really really nice!!! Love the sea-things ;)
Hugs Jenny

Stacy said...

Beautiful room! Where did you get your sectional??

Lori Hollis said...

Great job on your room remodel! Like all of your tips, too!

Lisa said...

I love this room, and the color may be my new favorite!

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!!! You make a girl feel special ;-) Stacey,the sectional is from jcpenney's, but it is a dry clean only. We washed it in the regular machine and it shrank a little bit, but it still fits fine.

plumbing fittings said...

Not an ordinary home furniture. They all look perfect and unique.

Wen Guehne said...

Beautiful room...I'll definitely plan to read your blog for future room makeovers!
Wen from

abailey said...

Great job on your room and don't worry about the owls. We have snowy owls here who land on the beach and hang out every once in a while. So there you go with your owls and the beach. Enjoy your space it's great. Can't wait to see your art piece.

Serena said...

We think alike, I guess! Because my bedroom is painted in Rainwashed. It's the most DIVINE color ever!!! See pics of my bedroom here on my blog. Just click in MASTER BEDROOM on the tab.

And because I loved this color so much, I am now painting my reading room in the lighter version of this color, Sherwin Williams "Window Pane"!! It is the lighter color on the color search card. It's sooooo fantastic and soothing, and I can't wait to curl up in that room when it's done.

Great job on the room!!

Thrift Diving

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

Hi ladies, thanks so much for reading the post and commenting :)
I am glad to hear about the owls and the beach, lol. My neighbor was messing with me about it awhile ago and now I can say that the owl was meant to be here. I also finished up the painting and it is up on my blog if you want to check it out :) Serena, I completely agree with you on the color Rainwashed, it's like all during the day, my room changes to different shades of gray blue all depending on the light that comes in. It is really fun to watch! I will head over and check out your master and can't wait to see your reading room when it is complete :)

Jane Coslick said...

Your great!!!!Love this post..

Caroline said...

I love your room makeover, it looks great! My bedroom is painted Rainwashed - I don't think I will ever get tired of the color. Today, I painted a rocking chair and swing for my screen porch another pretty color - Watery by SW also. I just hope it doesn't look too light outside. Good luck with your new blog! I will be sure to check it out.

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

I know, I just don't think Rainwashed is a color that will bore me :) Watery is a wonderful SW color too! Thanks for the well wishes for my blog!!

PriscilaPetersDecor said...

This room looks simply fabulous! It's fresh, beautiful and comfy! Great job.

EllieE said...

I have a question. I really love the coastal cottage look, and plan on doing my future home in that style. So here is the question, I am about 4-5 years away from being able to buy a house, would you recommend to start collecting beachy/coastal accents, or wait until I have my own space since I will never know how it might look?

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

I am so glad you like our Family Room. Thanks for all of the comments. Ellie, that's a great question. My opinion would be to hold off purchasing things just in case your tastes are completely different in 5 years. I know that my decorating style is continuosly evolving in new directions. I would also suggest that if you find a few amazing beachy coastal accessories that you adore, you may want to pick a couple things up. Even if your style evolves, usually beach coastal decor is more neutral and can play into various home decor. Hope this helps :)

I also just wanted to say a huge thanks again to Erin for allowing me to guest blog. It has been the most amazing experience and I am so greatful for it, thank you!!

Simply Complex said...

(cheap) Under cabinet lighting:

engquist said...

A coastal room always gets me! I just LOVE Nora and Pip.. I have a serious soft spot for all thing whale.

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

Thank you guys, I appreciate the link to the undermount lighting. Is it sad that the first word I saw was CHEAP, lol. I will be checking those out. I totally agree, somethin' about whales just makes my heart melt :)

Maura said...

This is the kind of room i would like to copy every detail! Just beautiful and inviting. Cant believe you got the sectional from jcpenney. Ill have to start looking at their furniture more. Your blog was just added to my bookmark list!

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

Thank you Maura :)

Paige said...

Your room is so beautiful! I'm curious to know where you got those stunning lamps? I'm redecorating my bedroom (just painted it Ben Moore's Wythe Blue) and I think these would add that touch of sparkle it needs. Thanks!

A Brit of HAPPINESS said...

Hi Paige, Wythe Blue is a beautiful color, very relaxing! I purchased the lamps at TJMaxx a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

I am just about to remodel my den when I came across your design and it was exactly what I had envisioned. I love it! My only question is where did you get the wall units from or were they custom made?

Sareena William said...

This room looks simply fabulous! It's fresh, beautiful and comfy! Great job.Your blog was just added to my bookmark list!
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