Friday, May 13, 2011

Honeymoon Recap!

As promised, more honeymoon photos for you guys! It was truly an amazing two weeks. All along we knew we really wanted to spend two weeks by turquoise waters, so budget-wise Mexico was the best option for us. We did a lot of research and fell in love with two resorts. Being the indecisive people we are, we opted to spend one week at each! The first one, El Dorado Casitas Royale, was out-of-this-world. It was secluded and private, so green and lush, and most importantly...entirely romantic. We had a fabulous casita suite right by the beach with an incredible view. So many amenities, my favorite being the open-air, outdoor shower! We spent our days lounging on beach beds, being spoiled by the beach butlers, and playing in the ocean. The food here was fit for a king. It was all-inclusive, but all 7 restaurants were gourmet. It was seriously impressive (and seriously yummy!) We even had a private dinner on the beach our last night there! We did head out one day to go snorkeling off Maroma Beach, my first time snorkeling, which was super fun. (Although I couldn't get the Little Mermaid soundtrack out of my head the entire time!) And another day we toured the Mayan ruins at Tulum. Very fascinating stuff, but honestly the beach there (2nd & last pic above) was one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen...I wish you guys could have seen it!!

The second week we spent at Sun Palace. We chose this place primarily because of the beach. Another all-inclusive, adults only resort, but not quite as luxurious or private as the first. We loved the more modern, sleek vibe though, and the beach here was fantastic...soft white sand, crisp clear turquoise water. The view from our room made it seem like we were on a cruise ship. It was a dream! This place was cool too because they give you a big chunk of change for "resort credit" that you can use for all sorts of things. We took a trip to Chichen Itza with part of it, then had upgraded wine with the rest. (Not sure I'd be willing to spend $175 for a bottle of champagne otherwise!) The highlight of this week, maybe the whole two weeks, was the day we spent on Isla Mujeres. We took the ferry over and just walked around, poked in the shops and took photos. After almost passing out from being so stink'n hot, we rented a moped and just drove around the colorful little island. I took about a million photos, the buildings above were from here (and that one from the other day I already showed you). It was just so, so cool. We actually took over 1300 photos the entire trip, so I made a collage below with some non-turquoise highlights. I hope you enjoy! :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sukkertøy for øyet

Do you ever discover a blog that immediately casts a spell on you?? Where you know it's going to be long night because if you don't get through the entire archive you won't be able to sleep?? That's how I felt when I laid my eyes on the dreamy home of Ida and her blog Sukkertøy for øyet. I didn't need Google Translate to tell me that meant "Candy for the Eye" in Norwegian. And candy it IS. Seriously. How entirely yummy are these images??? This barely skims this surface people. Go see for yourselves here!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peter Carlsson

I've so been itching to dig around the web for some delicious eye candy!! This Swedish home tour photographed by Peter Carlsson was a real treat...I knew I could count on Hus & Hem! The adorable home built in 1901 was in such great shape when the current owners moved in. Imagine a house that old where the floor, moldings and window frames were all in mint condition! You have to see the rest of the house, including some super cute, colorful kids head here!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back from Mexico!

I'm baaaack!! Holy cow, what a honeymoon. I'll have you know there came a point, very early on actually, where Chris and I looked at each other and had absolutely no clue as to what day it was. Now that's a vacation! No laptop or iphone, just simply a camera to capture as many memories as possible. I will definitely be sharing some more with you (loads of turquoise in Mexico, it was amazing!), but this awesome house that we spotted while touring Isla Mujueres on a moped was one of my favorites. Imagine having THAT as your home, and the Caribbean in your back yard! *sigh*

As much as I loved two whole weeks of heart-stopping turquoise water, white sandy beaches, fabulous gourmet meals, yummy pina coladas and (most of all) the company of my new husband 24/7, it is indeed good to be home. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Guest Blogger: Megan from MIMI+MEG

Hello everyone, Megan here from MIMI+MEG to share with you some of my favorite turquoise table lamps.

1. Recycled Rock Candy Glass Lamps from Swank Lighting
2. Robert Abbey, Delta Table Lamp
3. Mariposa Table Lamp from ZGallerie
4. Pottery Lamps from Pieces

While we're at it, I've also put together some amazing turquoise accessories for your summer wardrobe!

1. Dolce Vita, Jollen
2. Banana Republic, Stone Foldover Clutch
3. Kendra Scott, Danielle Earrings
4. Virginia Johnson, Sack Luggage
5. Brooklyn Thread, Turquoise Slab Necklace
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Natasha Bag
7. OPI, Read My Palm via InStyle

Thanks Megan! And thanks to all my fabulous guest bloggers these last couple weeks...I hope you all enjoyed their posts as much as I did! I should be back here tomorrow, fresh from the honeymoon!! -Erin
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