Friday, February 18, 2011

The Cross Boutique London

I adore this feminine bathroom featured in Casaviva magazine photographed by Winfried Heinze. The pretty space belongs to Sarah O'Keefe, one of the owners of the London boutique The Cross. Have any of you ever stopped in there, or their new home and interior shop "Cross the Road"? (Love that!) If it's anything like this bathroom, I'm so there the next time I'm in London! The ornate mirror and painted tub are fab-u-lous!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jeffrey Fisher Home

I'm delighted to share these rooms designed by Toronto-based Jeffrey Fisher Home and photographed so beautifully by Virginia MacDonald. The brother and sister team of Jeffrey and Deborah Fisher have the benefit of a unique background, her a career in advertising and Jeffrey in fashion design, that gives them a sophisticated and creative perspective. I'm captivated by every single itty bitty inch of that light-filled kitchen! And the addition of the coral in the dining room...yummy! To check out more of their interiors, head on over here!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Armelle Studio

Do you guys remember little Norah's nursery?? One of my ALL-TIME favorites ever?! The design genius behind it and this gorgeous studio is jewelry designer Caroline of Armelle Jewelry. Schumacher's Birds and Butterflies wallpaper is a match made in heaven with her stained concrete floor. (Wouldn't you love to do that in your basement?!) I absolutely adore the white armoire she lovingly painted too, and how the inside is painted Robins Nest by Benjamin Moore to match the floors. Read all about these projects and more over on her blog!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amy Bergman & Linda MacArthur

And yesterday was supposed to be all about the love?! Thanks, Traditional Home and photographer Emily Followill, my heart can't handle this!! Interior designer Amy Bergman and her husband Bret teamed up with architect Linda MacArthur to build their dream home in Atlanta. A haven for the busy family, the soft color scheme of taupes and pale blues throughout the home is soothing and harmonious. How fabulous is that scalloped stair wall following the curved lines of the upholstered banquette?! And those tufted dining chairs?! And that bathtub with the arched marble backsplash?! *sigh* See lots more here!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope you're all feeling the l-o-v-e today!! I've shared this room designed by Diane Bergeron before, it's one of my favorites, but I really couldn't think of a more perfect photo for the day! Don't you love the extra color from the piping and trim, all the pillows covered in Rubie Green "East Village" fabric, and that cute Love poster?! (Anyone have info on that?) The bedroom actually belongs to Diane's daughter in their Melbourne home...what a lucky girl!

I'm so excited for my very first (and only!) Valentine's Day as an engaged girl! Happy V-Day, Chris, I can't wait to celebrate! I wish you all a wonderful, love-filled day as well! <3

Edit: Thanks to Chelsea from This Fresh Fossil for giving us info on the Love design! It was designed by Alexander Girar, a 20th century artist and modern design master. What's even cooler is that if you head to How About Orange, you can download the iconic design for your desktop wallpaper!
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