Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Divine Kitchens

When the owner of this fabulous kitchen begun her renovation, the only thing she wanted was a double oven. (She must not read a lot of design blogs!) But after sitting down with Mariette Barsoum, the owner of Divine Kitchens out of Boston, and Heidi Marika-Perez, Divine's interior designer, she realized she actually wanted a lot more! She craved a spacious room with a modern vibe, infused with bold color. She also wanted to be able to display her collection of original Fiestaware from her grandmother and her many brightly colored Le Creuset pots. To complement them, Perez selected an custom-colored aqua concrete for the large island and watery blue glass tiles for the backsplash. I love how it stretches to the ceiling! Read the article in Design New England and see lots more images here!

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Luciane at said...

I'm a huge fan of white kitchens, but sometimes I feel tired of seeing only white kitchens everywhere, this is a nice and beautiful change!

Have a great day, Erin,


Luciane at

Tonja said...

Oooooh! I love this kitchen! I love all the colors. I love to see colorful kitchens.

creole wisdom said...

This kitchen IS divine. Incredible, actually. Just looking at the photos makes me happy. I love their open shelving with colorful bake ware displayed and their fiestaware on the counter is also so happy.

Meredith Sledge said...

Oh my gosh. I'm in looooooooove.

mbwife said...

wow. Just wow.

Sizzle and Zoom said...

There isn't anything I don't like about this home. I would be very happy to live here. I especially love the wood floors and the backsplash.

Leslie said...

There are just so many things about this kitchen I love: the size, the color, the design, the set up, the light, and so much more. This is definitely my dream kitchen! Oh all the wonderful cooking messes I'd be able to make in a kitchen like that.


loulou said...

I love the blue tiles on the wall
they speak a love language to me

I love the chalkboard door - I need one of those somewhere in my house

have a lovely day


Raquel said...

Turquoise counter top? I'm in love

MissBliss said...

That backsplash is amazing with those cabinets!

xo xo from Miami Beach :)

Franka said...

Hello from Germany!

Like this turquois kitchen so much!

My last posts have also been very *TÜRKIS*!


Brandon said...

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Lorraine Mcbright said...

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okhan said...

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