Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Blogger: Britt of A Baby, A Dog and A Blog

This is my idea of a great vacation destination! How gorgeous are the pillows and curtains in the bedroom? And those egg chairs?

Last month, my husband was lucky enough (although I'm sure he didn't appreciate it as much as I would) to stay at Motel One in Germany. He felt right at home staying in a turquoise hotel since our house (especially our daughter's nursery) is covered in that gorgeous color.

If you are headed to Germany or its neighbors, check out Motel One and then tell me all about how awesome it is to stay in a turquoise hotel.

I am a stay-at-home mom to my 7 month old daughter and dog. I love cooking, decorating and of course the color turquoise. Check out my blog: A Baby, A Dog and A Blog.


Luciane at said...

Wow... This is a beautiful hotel! Love how cool the furniture look and the color? Wow! Just a beautiful bright turquoise!

Have a Blessed Day!


Luciane at

Modern Beds said...

Great blog and colorful chairs.... Nice post..

Martina said...

hi erin,

i am from germany and as well as you obsessed with turquoise things! i was lucky enough to sleep in a motel one hotel at one of my last business trips and i just loved it!!! it's a great new concept, because it is cheap like a motel, but furnished design-orientated. let's say: soooo beautiful!

whenever you have the chance: go there :)

eclecticrevisited said...

wow...turquoise makes a serious statement..

Caitlin said...

Loving the turquoise mixed with neutrals, absolutely beautiful!

Caitlin at

Melly said...

It's beautiful. I love your

Justina F. Lee said...


Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Holy crap! Gorgeous! I am in love with those curtains and pillows. I need to recreate those curtains in my master bedroom some how. Thanks for sharing!

The enchanted home said...

So the pops of color. So visual and beauitful!

Raquel said...

What an awesome hotel! I would love to stay there & those chairs are great

Kevin said...

These pictures are so impressive. I am sure my peers will enjoy these too.childrens furniture

Shanthi said...

WOW !!! I can just make a trip to to stay at Motel One :-)

I-5 Design & Manufacture said...

I really enjoyed these photos. The Turquoise color is very tastefully done, and add so much to the overall look of the motel.

Izzy said...

I actually stayed here! I LOVE turquoise (and your blog) and chose this hotel on that basis when going to a wedding in Munich! It's a great chain - reasonably priced and with turqoise mints in a bowl - what more could I want!
I just posted some turquoise cabinets which you might love...
Izzy xx

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hotelsdesignmonde said...

Very cute low cost hotel! Thanks for sharing :-)

Muhammad Amjad said...

Loving the turquoise mixed with neutrals, absolutely beautiful!Thanks for sharing.

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