Friday, December 17, 2010

Sara Chandelier

Bear-Hill Interiors

Phoebe Howard

Canadian House & Home

Lynn Morgan Design

House Beautiful

Hooked on Houses

If there's one reoccurring question I get (other than "what's your favorite paint color?"), it's "Where do I get that one chandelier...?!". As far as I was aware, this stunning antique bronze and hand-blown Egyptian glass chandelier was available only through Liza Sherman Antiques. Well when I was in NYC, I of course stopped in the wonderland that is ABC Home. What did I spot dangling in their out-of-this-world chandelier section?!

The Sara chandelier from Canopy Designs. Oh my word. "Based on an antique Egyptian light the Sara is old and new at the same time." I bet they were inspired to name it Sara after SJP and her Hamptons dining room in the last photo above. The helpful sales associate Lauren told me how it's hand made by them out of brand new materials, and is available in two sizes and 8 colors. The best part? It's a fraction of the price of the original. You can read more about it here, or email Lauren at

And for full-disclosure, I was not compensated in any way for this post. But I wouldn't mind a new chandelier! ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lisa Tweed + Kelly McGuill

You've seen (and loved) another pretty bathroom styled by Kelly McGuill here before, so I knew you'd just adore this one showcasing her special touch. The peaceful space was designed by Lisa Tweed, an interior designer out of Scituate, MA. If you ask me, the two are a match made in heaven! What I'd give to soak away in a tub like that when it's this cold and snowy out! Total bliss!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bear-Hill Interiors

I feel so validated using and loving pink now that Pantone has selected it as the color of the year (not that I was shy about it before or anything)! This delightful home designed by Kevin Walsh of Bear-Hill Interiors and featured in At Home in Arkansas is such a good example of using bits and pieces here and there to update your space. I'm loving the capiz chandelier so much. What a great fit for that cool dining table! To read more about the serene space, head here. And check out the Bear-Hill Interiors blog too, they have great content!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

La Samanna Villas

Wow! You guys gave us some amazing ideas yesterday!! Thanks a million for all of your feedback, we so appreciate it! So many of you said how incredible the Caribbean is. I'd die, I swear to you, being somewhere like the La Samanna Villas on the island of St Martin. The extraordinary view of the Caribbean Sea would be the end of me! Not only is the view breathtaking, but the interiors designed by Marc Michaels are so elegantly comfortable, I can't believe it's not someone's home. I love how our favorite color is paired with oranges, reds, pinks and greens...for "a true Caribbean spirit"! If that is the spirit of the Caribbean, I'm so there!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Right now it's -10 degrees outside here in Minneapolis (but feels like -30). And this weekend we experienced a record-breaking blizzard.....with over 17 inches of new snow. Fun. Stuck inside, we couldn't help but daydream about our upcoming honeymoon in April. We haven't decided on a destination yet. The only requirement: turquoise water. (Shocking, right?) How absolutely fabulous would it be to stay in the Maldives, at the exquisite Anantara Veli Resort & Spa?! My goodness.

I'm dying to ask you guys...where have you been with dazzling turquoise water?? I'd love your two cents!
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