Friday, December 10, 2010

Adore & Elsa Soyars

This beach house designed by the talented Elsa Soyars and featured in the latest Adore Home has been floating around the blogosphere, but if it doesn't scream House of Turquoise, I don't know what does! I was so happy to see more of the fabulous home in Elsa's portfolio. I've been a big fan of hers for a while now (see my post here). It's just the way she does beachy chic is so up my alley! I just can't get enough of the neutral colors brought to life with the cheery turquoise. Did you see that kitchen?! I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard here. there a Hamptons home that I don't like?!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!! I don't know about you, but I need to get some serious shopping done!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Color of the Year!

I interrupt our regular schedule with this alert: The New Color of the Year! Pantone has replaced our beloved turquoise with Honeysuckle, a very lovely shade of pink. And I'm THRILLED! I immediately thought of this room from Homegoods when I heard the news. It's perfection, absolutely.

And get you guys know, I got engaged a month ago. We're planning an April wedding (yes, 4 months from now!) and turquoise and this shade of pink are our colors!

I just read on BrandChannel:
With the Pantone blessing, watch for brand and product marketers to start emphasizing honeycolor pink, both because it's already trending upwards and it has now been labeled "the" color of 2011. But the selection of a hot color doesn't mean it will be used to the exclusion of others. Turquoise, the Pantone color of 2010, just happens to look smashing with hot pink, so it will likely continue to be used in 2011.
How exciting for us! I LOVE pink and turquoise more than anything!

Turquoise in SoHo

One of the neighborhoods we kept finding ourselves in while we were in New York was much going on there. I loved all the cute boutiques, including these turquoise head turners. Pearl River Mart had a lot of fun stuff, like the glowing turquoise Buddha I didn't know I needed. And just how awesome is that Tribeca Taco Truck?! I wish we had one of those in Minneapolis!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sag Harbor Express

I love it when I'm walking down the street and run into something like this. The Sag Harbor Express has an adorable building on Main Street in Sag Harbor, New York with the cutest turquoise door and shutters. But right next door is the Kramoris Gallery with the juiciest lime green door. I wonder if they planned that because my oh my it looked gooood!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shinn Estate Farmhouse

During part of our 10 day stay in New York, Chris and I spent two nights on Long Island's North Fork, a lovely area filled with vineyards and cute little villages. I discovered the Shinn Estate Farmhouse in Mattituck when researching places to stay. Not your typical bed and breakfast, this place is seriously stylin'. Modern and elegant, I didn't see a granny floral print anywhere! This was our room above. The walls!! Cameras just don't capture how fab the color was. And the wooden floor was painted blue!! How lucky could I get?! Boy was I excited. The bathroom was amazing too. The glass shower, basket weave tile, vessel sink...I wanted it all. And the furnishings were just the beginning. The restored farmhouse is located on a beautiful vineyard, all so peaceful and quiet. As guests, we were given a complimentary tasting of their wines, which were fantastic. And the all the way and made entirely with local ingredients. The owner Barbara was awesome too, really went out of her way to supply us with resources for when we were in NYC. If you guys are ever on Long Island, I definitely recommend touring the vineyard or staying at the B&B. Head here for more info, and to see photos of the other gorgeous rooms!

Monday, December 6, 2010

One Girl Cookies

This week I'm going to be sharing some highlights from my trip to New York, starting off with the culinary highlight: One Girl Cookies. This adorable artisanal bakery and cafe in Brooklyn was suggested to me by my reader Kara, who happens to be a food writer. Their entire space is filled with just the prettiest shade of turquoise. The cookies, cupcakes and baked goods were displayed so perfectly, everything smelled delicious, but I have to tell you, the chocolate cupcake I ate (with turquoise frosting, of course) was hands-down the BEST cupcake I've ever had. No lie. (And as this was our last day in the city, we'd sampled our share over Manhattan and Long Island!) The whoopie pie we had was DELICIOUS as well, soooo yummy. I highly suggest visiting this place next time you're in New York....well worth the trip to Brooklyn! Check out their website here for more info and some mouthwatering photos!

Also head on over to Mimi & Meg today where I am sharing a favorite holiday tradition of mine, in addition to a holiday gift guide. (I'm sure you won't be too shocked with some of my picks!) :)
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