Friday, December 3, 2010

Rue & Jessie Zinke

Have you guys checked out issue two of Rue?? So many fabulous spaces, but this vibrant Chelsea loft belonging to lingerie designer Jessie Zinke and photographed by Emily Anderson was my favorite. A collection of pieces she has lovingly acquired over time, everything in her home makes her heart jump. I feel the same way just looking at the photos! The dining room is straight out of my dreams...I'm drooling over the floral fabric on those chairs! For more on this spectacular home, head on over to Rue. And check out Zinke Design for their beautiful collection of intimates and loungewear. They also have a great blog!

I wish you all a wonderful December weekend! Come back next week for pictures from my trip to New York! :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Craig Kettles

I'm back!!! What a fantastic vacation I had! I can't wait to get my pictures on to my computer (all 1,300 of them!) and share a few favorites with you guys. I saw loads of turquoise gems I know you're gonna love. I just want to send another thank you to all of my talented guest bloggers...I loved all of your posts!

Since I'm feeling pretty exhausted (the NYC part of our trip should have been first on our itinerary!) but mostly since I wish I was still at the beach, I felt these rooms designed by Craig Kettles were perfectly fitting for the day. I'm loving the painted floor and cozy nooks in the bunk room. Wouldn't the painted ceiling in the bedroom would be a delight to gaze up at?! Both rooms so simple, but absolutely lovely in every way! For more spaces as equally as beautiful, head on over to C Designs!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guest Blogger: Lauren from Pure Style Home

Hello House of Turquoise Readers! I'm Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home and I'm so excited to be visiting Erin's beautiful blog today. I love coming here to get a good dose of one of my favorite colors. (Seriously, she needs to do a book of the blog!!) Anyway, since I figured there would be no way to round up a turquoise room in cyberspace that Erin hasn't already featured (how does she keep doing it?! ;) I thought I'd share some turquoise rooms I've designed. The picture above is of the little conversation area around the wood-burning stove in our family room. (Below is also in the same room) We painted the walls a fresh aqua (FreshAire Choice's Midwest Springs) to make the space happy & light.

The attice bedroom below features a pale sea-greeny-aqua... The old chair inspired the palatte and the back of the built-ins got a pale coat of paint to match.

The room below was a project I worked on with fellow designer Rebecca Ilginfritz of Acanthus & Acorn for charity. It was a women's shelter we made over. We painted the walls a soft aqua {Behr's Celtic Blue} because of its restful qualities. We knew the mother who lived in the room with her two children would appreciate a calming space.

The living room below is painted in another pale aqua-green-gray paint (Behr's Mountain Haze} and it was paired with soft beiges and golden peaches for an airy yet warm feeling:

And finally, I have a picture of a client's in-progress project. {As you can see, we're still waiting on all of the rugs, accessories, lighting & curtains to be installed but I thought the walls were too perfect not to share!} I love the fresh green-blue contrasted with the orange floral sofa.

I love how different shade of turquoise can make a room feel so many different ways. -fun, tranquil, happy, etc.- Anyway, thanks so much for having me here Erin & I hope you're having an amazing time!!

This was amazing...thank you so much Lauren!! Like so many of you guys out there, I've been a HUGE fan of Lauren's work since she started Pure Style Home. You can see why! In case you didn't know, her beautiful home was featured in this month's Better Homes and Gardens. Can you imagine?! The whole spread is fantastic, definitely worth picking up the issue. And if you haven't already, please do check out her blog. I just love Lauren's style and her blog is so fresh and honest...not to mention full of great ideas!

I hope you guys enjoyed all of my guest bloggers! I know I did! I'm currently on my way home from my vacation, but I'll be back here tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guest Blogger: Coco from COCOCOZY

Photo: Peter Pennoyer Architects
Turquoise blue paneled walls in a traditional library in a mansion in Maine. (above)

Hi House of Turquoise readers. This is Coco. My blog's name is COCOCOZY.

I'm guest posting here for Erin as she takes a little well deserved vacation! I was so honored when Erin emailed me last week and asked if I would guest post about my favorite turquoise rooms. So here goes!

I love a room infused with turquoise blue. There is something invigorating, exciting and cheerful about about a blue room! I love the color turquoise. I have a wonderful dose of it in my living room in the Hollywood Hills in a huge piece of art, a turquoise blue chandelier in bathroom, had a load of turquoise blue outside in my outdoor living space on my deck. Makes me so happy to see the blue for some reason. How about you?

Here are may favorite blue spaces these days...

A glossy blue floor in an all white living room (above)

Photo: 1st Option
Rustic and charming - a weathered turquoise blue back staircase in a London home(above)

Photo: Kara Shurtliff
Loving this clutter free blue laundry room in a Utah home. This the perfect shade of blue! (above)

Photo: Coco of Cococozy
A folding chair leans against a white fence on my deck painted my favorite COCOCOZY color of turquoise. (above)

Photo: Coco of Cococozy
A pop of bright blue on a refurbished painted table on my Hollywood Hills deck. (above)

Hope you all have enjoyed my blue rooms!

Thanks Erin for asking me to guest post - hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Have a great week everyone!



Thanks so much for that awesome post, Coco!! That living room with the blue floor is stuff my dreams are made of!! And I adore your outdoor space! I'm sure so many of you already follow COCOCOZY, so you know how fabulous it is. If not, definitely go check it out here...Coco is always finding the coolest, most droolworthy rooms out there!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Blogger: Ashlina from The Decorista

Oh I just love a turquoise bedroom. As a decorator, turquoise is one of those colors that just soothes the senses and pleases everybody. I could always use a bit of turquoise in a room.

This very traditional bedroom is one of my all time favorite rooms. It's very sophisticated and lush, I could absolutely relax in this lovely space.

In addition to a very serene bedroom, turquoise is perfect in the living room, too!

I love these perfectly aqua hued rooms, dark wood floors are the perfect companion to the bright and bold colors. They both are uber delicious and every bit of turquoise I could ever need.

Thank you so much Ashlina! You managed to pick some of my favorites as well!! That first bedroom was actually one of the rooms that inspired me to start this blog. You all must check out The Decorista for more inspiring spaces! You will love everything you see there, I promise. Ashlina has such a talent for putting together amazing posts where every day is a treat for the eyes!

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