Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guest Blogger: Lauren from Pure Style Home

Hello House of Turquoise Readers! I'm Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home and I'm so excited to be visiting Erin's beautiful blog today. I love coming here to get a good dose of one of my favorite colors. (Seriously, she needs to do a book of the blog!!) Anyway, since I figured there would be no way to round up a turquoise room in cyberspace that Erin hasn't already featured (how does she keep doing it?! ;) I thought I'd share some turquoise rooms I've designed. The picture above is of the little conversation area around the wood-burning stove in our family room. (Below is also in the same room) We painted the walls a fresh aqua (FreshAire Choice's Midwest Springs) to make the space happy & light.

The attice bedroom below features a pale sea-greeny-aqua... The old chair inspired the palatte and the back of the built-ins got a pale coat of paint to match.

The room below was a project I worked on with fellow designer Rebecca Ilginfritz of Acanthus & Acorn for charity. It was a women's shelter we made over. We painted the walls a soft aqua {Behr's Celtic Blue} because of its restful qualities. We knew the mother who lived in the room with her two children would appreciate a calming space.

The living room below is painted in another pale aqua-green-gray paint (Behr's Mountain Haze} and it was paired with soft beiges and golden peaches for an airy yet warm feeling:

And finally, I have a picture of a client's in-progress project. {As you can see, we're still waiting on all of the rugs, accessories, lighting & curtains to be installed but I thought the walls were too perfect not to share!} I love the fresh green-blue contrasted with the orange floral sofa.

I love how different shade of turquoise can make a room feel so many different ways. -fun, tranquil, happy, etc.- Anyway, thanks so much for having me here Erin & I hope you're having an amazing time!!

This was amazing...thank you so much Lauren!! Like so many of you guys out there, I've been a HUGE fan of Lauren's work since she started Pure Style Home. You can see why! In case you didn't know, her beautiful home was featured in this month's Better Homes and Gardens. Can you imagine?! The whole spread is fantastic, definitely worth picking up the issue. And if you haven't already, please do check out her blog. I just love Lauren's style and her blog is so fresh and honest...not to mention full of great ideas!

I hope you guys enjoyed all of my guest bloggers! I know I did! I'm currently on my way home from my vacation, but I'll be back here tomorrow! :)


Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

The color of that last room is just perfect! I love it!

Luciane From said...

I love the last picture... so vibrant!
By the way, I think you really need to check my post today. It's about a very famous brazilian architect Roberto Migotto. He's simply great. Take a look and let me know what you think, ok? I know you'll like it.


Luciane at

Jennifer Hand said...

What is the color of the last room? I love it!

Life* A Blog said...

The Celtic Blue color is amazing! I think I'll be using that in my bedroom :)

Morning T said...

Thanks for keeping us entertained with your great guest bloggers Erin!
I love Lauren's work and her blog.
Happy holidays.

Bluebirdy said...

Oh my goodness! In your bedroom photo, I have the same bedside table, and the turquoise pillow cover, I have the whole bedding set of that pattern. I came to tell the blog owner how tickled I am to be getting my first turquoise decorating items, which I've wanted since I was 5, just old enough to say the word "Turquoise". In kindergarten, the teacher went around the room asking kids favorite colors, and she heard "red, green, blue, yellow", then me, the weirdo, says "TURQUOISE!" lol. I got a strange look from her on that one, but it was always my favorite, even when a turquoise item couldn't be found through the 70s, 80s and part of the 90s. Mid 90s, "TEAL" came out, but it was quite green, then turquoise items started coming out again. I wish I could show you pictures of the items. This blog just feeds my need for turquoise. lol. I also bought a print that has all turquoise background. It's Van Gogh's "almond branches". He did one with yellow background and one with turquoise background. It was only a few dollars at without the frame. They also sell matted and/or framed prints.
Oh dear, the picture for the "word verification" is not showing up. Hope I can get it to work soon!
Blessings and thanks for this blog!
Bluebirdy (maybe should have named myself turquoise birdy. haha)

Bluebirdy said...

FOR YOU WHO ASKED--THE LAST ROOM COLOR IS ROBIN'S EGG BLUE in one of the most expensive brands...of course now the brand name has left me. Brain cramp. If you can get the paint dealer to show you that paint card of "robin's egg blue", then you can find other brands to match up to it exactly. Hopefully Lauren can tell you the paint brand and name and number that she actually used.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Lauren, and I love your choice of paint colors, so varied and so many different moods. THANK YOU for providing their names! That is so helpful!

@Bluebirdy - You are a lady after my own heart! My favorite "turquoise-y" picture is Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms (which he painted for his brother Theo and Theo's wife after the birth of their son, whom they named Vincent). I've actually seen it in person when the Van Gogh exhibit came to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and it is BREATHTAKING! LACMA set up the exhibit so the first series of paintings you saw where his darker works, like The Potato Eaters. You then turned a corner to view his brighter, happier works, and the first painting they had there, on a wall all by itself, was Almond Blossoms. It literally was like coming out of the darkness into the light. The color is so luminous and the painting looks alive. My first thought was "the sky looks like a piece of heaven." Just wonderful! And I've been wanting a copy for my home, so I will put that on my list.

Also, could the robin's egg color be by Glidden? I was at Home Depot once searching for robin's egg blue paint chips and could not find one that seemed a true robin's egg. So I said to myself "I wish I could just find a color chip CALLED Robin's Egg," and I immediately turned around, walked over to the Glidden display and picked up a chip I liked, and it was actually called "Robins Egg"! Its quite a pretty color, more blue than aqua.

- Kimberly

Bluebirdy said...

@Kimberly, Gliiden's "robin egg blue" is like the first picture's wall color. The paint I am thinking of has a touch of green, so its not just baby blue. It's a high end brand, starts with a "V", Velspar or something, but you could have a more affordable brand mixed to match that color, or look at all the paint samples for the palest turquoise there is. You can also have white added to any turquoise to lighten it.

Also, if you go to , then in the search box, type "Almond branches" and you will see it in all different sizes, on different backgrounds such as canvas, gloss paper, flat paper, high quality cloth/paper mix, tapestry, and some are framed and some are not. Van Gogh also painted an "Almond Branches" with a yellow background. Interesting, eh? I'd love to be able to make a fabric of that painting.

The Asians believe that turquoise is the world's most perfect color, and that those people who prefer it, are the most spiritual people. They say it encompasses the heavens and the earth and the spirit world. I found that interesting because I always have been spiritual and deeper than most people I it would be interesting to find out if other turquoise lovers have that similar personality trait.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

The room created for the charity is so beautiful and has such a calming presence. It would definitely be a place where a woman and her children could feel at peace.

Lauren said...

I'll look up what we used for that last pic & come back to post--- I TOTALLY forget what it was called but it was Behr!!

thanks so much!! :)

Allison said...

Beautiful rooms in my favorite color! I'm going to pick up this month's Better Homes & Gardens. Congratulations, Lauren for being featured! I, too, would love to know the name and brand of paint used in the last photo.

Roxanne Lumme Interiors said...

As always, Lauren's posts are so warm and happy! Mix that with turquoise and, well, perfection!
xoxo, R

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Lovely...Lauren does turquoise beautifully!

VictoriaArt said...

I love turquoise. It is calming and inspiring once. I also love the idea that is spiritual....
Your rooms are beautiful! I still remember the incredible job you did with Rebecca at the women's shelter!

xx Victoria

guest house accommodation said...

I wish, I could show you pictures of the items. This blog just feeds my need for turquoise. The room created for the charity is so beautiful and has such a calming presence.

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