Monday, November 29, 2010

Guest Blogger: Ashlina from The Decorista

Oh I just love a turquoise bedroom. As a decorator, turquoise is one of those colors that just soothes the senses and pleases everybody. I could always use a bit of turquoise in a room.

This very traditional bedroom is one of my all time favorite rooms. It's very sophisticated and lush, I could absolutely relax in this lovely space.

In addition to a very serene bedroom, turquoise is perfect in the living room, too!

I love these perfectly aqua hued rooms, dark wood floors are the perfect companion to the bright and bold colors. They both are uber delicious and every bit of turquoise I could ever need.

Thank you so much Ashlina! You managed to pick some of my favorites as well!! That first bedroom was actually one of the rooms that inspired me to start this blog. You all must check out The Decorista for more inspiring spaces! You will love everything you see there, I promise. Ashlina has such a talent for putting together amazing posts where every day is a treat for the eyes!


Karena said...

Erin I really adore those first two images, so luxurious!!

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Art by Karena

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Great guest post Ashlina- gorgeous photos all around and that third one down is one of my favourite rooms of all time- love!

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh* The first two images.. gosh!! how gorgeous!!

2 Hounds Design said...

Ashlina, I was just looking at that bedroom thinking about posting it. I'm feeling overwhelmed with trying to find my blogging 'voice' and I was thinking 'If I had a bedroom like that I'd have no problem finding my voice'.

Lovely post!

And I have to agree with Christine, the 3 photo is of one of my favorite rooms as well!


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

I love the living room. Perfect splashes of turquoise, with the main things (wall color, couch, etc.) being neutral. I love it.

Erin, I love your blog and find it so inspirational. I often look through the archives for ideas. I'm featuring it in my "Please visit" link this week on my blog.

Bog-Bog said...

All are beautiful but my favourite is the first one.

Candi said...

Gorgeous post! Love the image with the mirror above the fireplace which I believe was originally from Domino? It's one of my favorite images!

Aubrey said...

I always love Ashlina's taste in style...amazing, as usual! (c:

Hampton said...

I just love a bit of turquoise! Am working on a bedroom now with grey yellow and turquoise--so delicious! hope you all had a fantastic holiday!

Anonymous said...

Erin, we of course miss you, but you have set us up with some great guest bloggers, so thank you for that! Love this post!

Hope you are enjoying your time away.

- Kimberly

P.S. to Hampton, that color combination sounds scrumptious!

Kelle Dame said...

Stunning. Perfect shade of turquoise and love all the elements combined to really make it sing!

LiveLikeYou said...

The turquoise curtains! Aaahh love!

quintessence said...

I remember first seeing that third room and swooning -seemed like a modern day salon - and love the green with the turquoise. Great picks!

Lola said...

I am so happy I found this blog! I am currently working on my house and I have decided to do a coral red and robins egg blue theme. Great inspiration!

Kate Alexandra McLeish said...

Wow! such a beautiful blog. Love the interiors! Turquoise is one of my most favorite colors!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

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