Monday, June 22, 2009

Retreat on the Potomac

I thought this was such a neat, beautiful home that Vitania of Verdigris Vie shared on her blog. The 1916 beauty on the banks of the Potomac River was restored by Boston interior designer William Hodgins. The soft blue palette is so calming and pretty. But I love the history of the home. You can read all about it and see more images at Architectural Digest.


FrenchBlue said...

So fabulous and CLEAN! So summerie too!! Love your blog!

Michelle said...

Do you know what city/county along the Potomac this was on?

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow so pretty and it's on the Potomac! What a lovely location.

Alicia said...

Isn't it amazing!!!! I have this idea to rent a boat, cruise up & down to find the house & then knock on the door to announce Im thier best friends...or housekeeper.

Vitania said...

William Hodgins is a wonderful interior designer. I think this homes is so brilliantly styled.

Thanks for the mention today. I look forward to all your marvelous turquoise posts.


Tommy Bahama Bedding said...

Such a pretty home - I love how light & airy it is :)

Lisa said...

Lovely post & lovely blog. I'm a blue girl too! Looking forward to visiting often.

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