Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pool Party

Did you guys see this Skateboarder's Dream House that Jennifer of MadeByGirl discovered?? There was a sideshow and article all about it in The New York Times. I love the fireplace painted Benjamin Moore’s Pool Party Blue. I thought this was cool too: "A bathroom designed to look like a pool, with depth marks and pool coping, reminds its owners of the skateboarder’s nirvana: an empty pool." Love it!


Lorna said...

Erin, I thought I was the only woman obsessed with the color.... well, I like to call it AQUAMARINE, the lighter tones of it like in some of your photos lower down the page.

I have a white walled house and I love it, but have been thinking of painting my upstairs master bedroom in a light, light, whisper of aquamarine.

I was born in Hawaii, I am a Pisces, and the soothing soft blue with white white white really makes me feel good.

I like it paired with tropicals!!

Lorna in Southern California
I just put in new laminate flooring several months ago..... and wanted to put aquamarine granite on my countertops in the kitchen, but granite in that color is rare and costly so it won't be happening for me.

Hey. I just decided: I will make a post of some TURQUOISE/AQUAMARINE slabs of granite that I saw when I went shopping for granite.

Anyhow, I shall return to this site as often as you make posts. You are the only person who seems to love this so-called 1950's, outdated color!!!!!


Lorna said...

I looked for a FOLLOWERS widget/gadget to follow you through my Blogger Dashboard, but found no Follower's on your blog. 8-(

Erin said...

Lorna, Thanks so much for commenting!! I thought I was the only one who loved aquamarine too, but after I started this blog, I discovered there is a ton of us out there!

I just added a Followers widget...so hopefully you can get it to work! :)

design clique said...

Love the tile in the bathroom. Very cool installation!

 Viv said...

I think I'm in love with that fireplace.

Erin, thought you might be interested in this post over at Apartment Therapy:


Viv xx

Erin said...

Viv, thanks for giving me the heads up on that AT post! I might have missed it otherwise and how sad that would be!

Liz Powers said...

omg... that tiled bathroom is amazing.

Fauxology said...

I love that bath -- both the tile and the grey finish on the other side. Great post, as usual! :)

One Frugal Girl said...

I love the way the fireplace pops out from the wall! Too bad our fireplace is brick, otherwise I'd paint it this color immediately!

Down Pillow said...

The bathroom floor & wall are really cool - unique design element :)

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