Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Pretty things come in little packages! Located in Cologne, Germany, my architect father tells me this bedroom/stairway wouldn't fly here in the states (and I don't how I'd feel if I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!). Nevertheless, it is altogether 560 square feet of turquoise joy! More info and pics here. (Thanks Alexandra! Good luck finding the perfect apartment!)


Anne said...

Gorgeous. I just love the bathroom with the glass tile around the mirror. Beautiful. Heaven on earth...minus the funky toilet.

Musette said...


The brown chairs in the loft bedroom - are they intentionally huge or am I just looking at an odd perspective?

Absolutely gorgeous colors, btw. I love the swan (elephant?) thingie in the bathroom - what is that? and is it replicated below the sink? My eyes are going...:-)

Erin said...

LOL I think the ceiling is super-low in the bedroom, and the chairs are normal sized. I don't even think you could stand up in there! And yeah, those are elephants. Pretty fancy!

Jennifer Ramos said...

STUNNING ...for a small space...but they need an area rug... :)

Jen Ramos
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