Friday, February 27, 2009

Swedish Delight

If you haven't already laid your eyes on Daisy Pink Cupcake's Swedish Style Home post featuring designer Shannon Bower's home, you're in store for something special on this lovely Friday. There are lots more images than just these, so check it out! I love all the robin's egg blue and pale European furnishings. What a beautiful home! Daisy sure has a knack for finding gorgeous images!

I am leaving this afternoon for a 10 day vacation to Las Vegas and Arizona. Perfect timing, since we had a big snow storm here in Minneapolis yesterday! I might have a chance here and there to share some turquoise rooms with you, but for the most part I'm going to take a break from the blog. (Things will be auto-posting on Everything Turquoise several times a day, if you're like me and still need a daily dose of our favorite color!)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


paula said...

I love the color of that hutch in the 3rd pic. How would a person go about finding that color? Thanks Paula

Erin said...

Hi Paula,
I'm not sure where Daisy found these images. Maybe go onto her blog and ask her?? I wish I could be more help!

Noel Solomon said...

This are some of the most amazing photo's I've seen in a while. Love them!

I wanted to invite you to my FREE prize giveaway on my blog.

xo - noel

gina said...

I love all the pictures esp. the hutch and the wing back chair I have been looking for one like that to buy for the last three years still no luck but hopefully one day I will find one. Enjoy your trip.

Velvet and Linen said...

This is gorgeous, Erin.
I'm off to visit Daisy.
Have a nice bloggy vacation.


TheDecoDetective said...

Oh, yes, the Swedish... Funny, I live in the neighbour country Norway, but our traditional decoration doesn't have this kind of lightness.
Thanks for your nice comment, and have a lovely vacation! Thanks also for taking your time to set up posts in advance.

Beautiful Living said...

Have a great trip! I'll definitly be missing your daily posts here :)

Lesliebnew said...

These images are from Veranda's Sept 2008 issue. Gorgeous!

Rose said...

Gorgeous Swedish design! I want that ceramic stool in the LR pic.

I hope you have just the loveliest vacation, Erin!

Julie at BV said...

I love that nursery room. It look so peaceful.

Marie said...

Beautiful colors, pretty blog. Turqoise is one of my favorite color (even though I can't spell it right)!
-marie @ mariesmarche

purple area said...

Looks amazing, beautiful colors! (but not very swedish but I can see what they mean)

okhan said...

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