Monday, February 2, 2009

River Road

One of my favorite new blogs is Purdy Wallcovering. Just yesterday Gina did a post all about turquoise. What is not to love?! I'd never seen this image of Thibaut's River Road Addison Damask Wallpaper. It is altogether gorgeous, especially with that chair covered in their Harper Stripe fabric!


sealaura said...

it is very classy and pretty.

gina said...

Oh my Gosh!
Thank you for all the kind words today. I am blushing over here:0)
I do love Thibaut it is one of my all time favorite brands and one on my best sellers. Not only do they have great designs but vivid and gorgeous colors on all their wallpapers.

Things That Inspire said...

Look at this beautiful picture. I have never seen it before! Thibaut has the most gorgeous photography on their site.

You will like my post today....I thought of you when creating it.

Lauren said...

so beautiful!! will have to go check out the site!!

Melissa Lewis said...

You always have the best turquoise finds! This wallpaper is very chic:)

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