Friday, October 24, 2008

Margaret Elman

Oh how I fell in love when I spotted this amazing New York City apartment on Villa Anna. Decorated by Margaret Elman, the founder and owner of Chair Couture, who described her favorite color as "Everything from the palest robin-egg blue to sky-and-sea aqua to Tiffany box blue to full-on, whipping bright 1950's-dinner turquoise". *Sigh* I seriously love this woman!! Check out Villa Anna for more pictures of this, and other fabulous apartments! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! :)


Fifi Flowers said...

I LOVE that first bed... it's DIVINE!

luthien said...

wonderful pictures erin! turquoise is my favourite color, and of course greens and blues :) saw your link in jen's technicolor cottage :) have a great week ahead!

David said...

I've been following margaret for some time. you should see all her furniture pieces at she has a "green collection" that is so original and stunning!

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