Sunday, March 23, 2008

Distinctive Aqua Living Room

There are so many great details that give this stylish aqua living room such personality. -Studio da Lu


Florence Carole said...

The use of the color aqua adds freshness to a living room. Blue is relaxing and brings about peace of mind. It is better to use this color with mirrored accents and white furniture.

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office furniture nyc said...

This is why offices are now using the aqua color. It has a calming effect, and fits well in traditional interiors and modern-style décors.

portland window cleaning said...

I love the brightness of your living room - the sunlight and white curtain reflecting the colors of the room. The room presents luxury and true beauty.

clairemarshy said...

im actually about to decorate my living room this colour cant wait to see what its like great post! :) xx

Gudang Mobile said...

very interesting to read, O my friend

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