Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! When I saw this coastal-inspired fall table from Starfish Cottage, I knew it'd be perfect for today! Love the colors in that cute runner and how she combined shells with pumpkins! Orange and turquoise is such a cheery combo, isn't it? See more pics and get all the details here! Check out Kristy's Etsy shop for cute coastal decor and jewelry too!

We'll be traveling home tomorrow, so I'll see you guys back here on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend! I'm so thankful for all of you!!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Guest Blogger: Amy from Modern Chemistry at Home

Hello, everybody, and Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Amy from Modern Chemistry at Home, and I am so honored to be here at House of Turquoise. My heart for my blog is to encourage and inspire you to work on bringing beauty and creativity into your home with an eye on the budget. I share DIYs and ideas, but I also talk about contentment and using our homes to bless other people. I hope today’s post gives you lots of ideas for your spaces!

When I was young, my parents gave me permission to choose paint colors for my bedroom and you better believe I painted one wall bright turquoise. Turquoise, teal, aqua . . . these are such fresh, cheerful colors that still find their way into almost all my spaces. I just can’t seem to get enough! So come on in and I’ll show you around.

If you walked into our home, I’d grab your coat and usher you right into the kitchen. This is where a lot of life happens for us. Getting the kitchen “right” was a long process, but this room has become one of the most cheerful places in our home.

First, we tore down an adjoining porch that was quite dilapidated and we expanded the windows and doors. The result is that sunlight now pours into the space! A full kitchen remodel and pale blue/green walls make our kitchen so very bright and happy. I stay at home with our two girls, and being in this kitchen throughout the day is a joyous thing with all that light—especially during dark Minnesota winters!

This room is also where I learned firsthand that aqua loves red. When I needed art to fill the large wall in the dining nook, I framed pieces of large-scale fabric and I am so thrilled with the result. The combination of aqua and red has a preppy freshness to it that speaks my color love language. Aqua and red are now best buddies and appear together throughout our home!

The other thing I learned in the kitchen is that tone-on-tone really works. The kitchen walls were previously dark brown, but I wanted to lighten things up. I already had aqua in the curtains and wall art, so I wasn’t sure how those items would work in the space if I painted the walls pale blue. But you know what? The existing aqua items pop off the pale blue background so beautifully. So the lesson here is don’t be afraid to use varying tones of the same base color in your rooms. As we see on Erin’s blog, variations of turquoise really do live happily together!

There has been a lot of trial and error in the living room—mostly in the form of furniture arrangements! Painting the walls white helped move this room in the right direction, and then the rest kind of fell into place.

In this room, my beloved blues take a bit of a backseat to a fuller color palette, but they are still here. One of the first projects I completed in this room was to help build a set of custom bookshelves. Before I installed the backboards, I painted them bright turquoise!

I also arranged my books by color for a big visual wow. And I took my color cues from my books, which means that pretty much any bright color works in this room.

This room functions as a playroom for us and incorporates many of our children’s toys. As you all know, kids’ stuff is often brightly colored! So as a foil to all that brightness, I brought in some bold black-and-white stripes and geometric patterns to match the playful mood but not compete with it. There surely is a lot of pattern and color in here, but I am so thrilled whenever I hear a guest call our home “cheerful.” That is exactly what I hope it would feel like for everyone who enters these doors.

But teal does take center stage in our pinch-pleat curtains, which I made from duvet covers. Curtains, especially large curtains, can be so expensive, so I was thrilled to find a way to make my own on the cheap.

In our bedroom, we are back to aqua and red! I made this headboard following instructions from Design*Sponge and using fabric from Calico Corners. (The fabric designer also designed the fabric I framed in the kitchen. His name is Thomas Paul and his designs are just so happy.) After an unsuccessful try at gray walls, I repainted this room the same color as our kitchen. I just love the color because it looks fantastic with white, wood, and bright colors.

The dresser belonged to my grandparents and is very special to me. The wood is a gorgeous color and those knobs are just lovely.

In the other corner, we put together a little reading spot for my husband, who often works from home in the evenings. A bright pillow, fun art, and a throw my mom knit complete that cozy yet bright corner.

One of the design concepts I love in this room is that color can be simultaneously energizing and relaxing, and I think the key to that is to mix pale tones with brightness. If the walls were a brighter, deeper turquoise, it might be a bit too much. But with all that bold, energetic red on the headboard, the pale blue walls and even the throw on the bed bring in a bit of cool serenity to take the vibrancy back a notch.

Children’s spaces are such a fantastic opportunity for color! I find myself increasingly inspired by Scandinavian design, and this was the first room in our home where I tried white walls. I really like the result! The colors in here pop off that backdrop as this room is flooded with morning and afternoon light.

We have two girls and I myself really love pink. Pink and aqua is another very nice color combination!

This dresser was a hand-me-down within our family, and it was needing some love. I debated over what color to paint it, but I ended up reusing the turquoise from the back of the living room bookshelves with a little white mixed in. And I’m really happy I stuck with white drawer fronts. I think the two colors make the piece look just a little more interesting than if it had been just one color!

Our older daughter’s room is bright and fresh like the nursery, but in this room we have pale blue walls. It is the same color as the kitchen and master bedroom: Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore. It is such a winner.

I found the Jenny Lind bed on Craigslist. I am considering painting it a fun, fresh color. Any suggestions? Did someone say turquoise? :)

Thank you for having me, Erin! It is always fun to write about color. Please do pop over to my blog for more home design encouragement and inspiration! I even wrote a guide to help my readers work through the tricky spots in their homes. Come check it out! And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Guest Blogger: Megan from The Homes I Have Made

Hello House of Turquoise readers! My name is Megan from The Homes I Have Made, a DIY/home décor/organization blog where I share renter-friendly, movable décor and organizational projects as well as chronicle all the “homes I have made” as a military spouse. This past summer, we moved into our 6th house in 10 years, and I am now busy getting settled and transforming it into our latest home. However, today I’m so honored and excited to stop by Erin’s lovely site to share a tour of our last home in coastal North Carolina!

This house is an 1800-ish square foot single-story Cape Cod-style home aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a detached two-car garage. This house is military base housing to the core: nothing special, nothing fancy. No architectural details, no fancy appliances, no high-end finishes, and not a lot of windows. It has builder basic bathrooms and kitchen, popcorn ceilings, worn carpet throughout, and fake and mis-matched flooring across four rooms. We weren't allowed to tear down walls or rip out carpet or tile back-splashes or paint cabinets...but with a ton of ambition and all renter-friendly ideas and DIYs, we transformed this boring and basic home into something truly special for the three years we lived there.

Early on, I was struggling to make this home feel fresh and vibrant. Although I hadn’t picked it in my original color palette, I found myself continuously gravitating toward bright turquoise over and over again. Instead of fighting it, I embraced it! Eventually, turquoise made its way into almost every nook of this home, acting as a continuous and unifying element throughout the entire house!

Our bright turquoise porch chairs and accessories greeted guests and set the tone for what was inside…

Let’s go on in!!! Since we never entered the house through the front door, our foyer was much more decorative than functional. A lemon-lime console table and gallery wall greeted visitors, while we stored our book collection in a nook behind the door.

Right inside the front door, off the small foyer, was a great room that we split into two different zones: the playroom and our family room. Turquoise quickly became the central color story in here thanks to its bright and happy vibe. IKEA bins, painted furniture and other turquoise accessories bring the whole space to life.

Our large blue sectional served as a room divider, creating distinct spaces that were unified through the consistent decor scheme. One of the very last elements to come into this space was the turquoise grasscloth-covered trunk, which is possibly one of my most favorite projects ever!

Toward the back of the house was our spacious dining room, easily one of my favorite spaces in our entire house. Although turquoise was not a main color in this room, it still punctuated different aspects of this space and connected the adjoining family room and kitchen together!

The kitchen was right off the dining room and had cabinets and appliances on the only three walls of the room. This space was high on storage and brown cabinets but very low on design and natural light. The turquoise backsplash (made with paint and vinyl decals!) and happy kitchen accessories were our version of making lemonade out of lemons!

Down the side hallway, you come across an alcove that we transformed into our family command center and drop zone. Since we always entered/exited through the side door that is further down this hallway, this turned out to be an awesome use of this awkward space! Just to the right of the command center was our hallway bathroom. It was basic and simple yet bright and cheerful.

Directly across from the command center was the first, large bedroom that we used as my craft room and office. As you walked in the door, the "office" side of the space was directly ahead, with the craft side off to the right. The far wall featured a workstation with a countertop while the fourth wall held my sewing desk fashioned from an old dresser. Turquoise and white were the primary palette for this room. Combined with black, white and gold accents, it became a fresh and invigorating space to work and create.

Right next to the craft room was my son's bedroom. A bright, fresh and really fun space that he was proud to call his own and show off to anyone who came to visit!

At the end of the hall was the master bedroom. It was a small and awkward room but thanks to a great paint job and glamorous finishes, it became a serene and comfortable retreat at the end of busy days!

When we moved in that house about 3.5 years ago, I thought it would maybe take me a year or so to “finish” off the entire home. Little did I know that I would literally spend our entire time stationed in North Carolina working on that house, only calling it done in the weeks before moving out. Looking back at these pictures, I'm filled with such emotion, amazement, satisfaction, and pride at how this shell of a military housing rental actually came idea, one project at a time. I didn't really know where we’d end up when we started, and there were so many wrong turns as well as excited moments along the way. This was real life trial and error done for the pure enjoyment of creating homey, pretty and personal spaces for me and my family.

I sure miss that home and all the wonderful projects and spaces we created! But as is the case with us military folk, our next adventure was waiting…so we packed up our boxes, painted back the walls, peeled all the vinyl off the walls and said farewell to North Carolina home. We are now living in Leavenworth, Kansas, and I am busily making our current house a home for the one year we get to live here. I sure hope you’ll come by, say hi, and check out my latest decorating adventures!

Before scooting off, I want to give a big, warm thank you to Erin for having me here today! Like all of you, I sure love coming here each and every day for home and design inspiration and my daily turquoise fix! Erin sure knows how to serve up some amazing spaces, and I’m honored and privileged to be sharing my home with you all today!

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