Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Just popping in to wish you all here in the US a fantastic 4th of July weekend! We are still up in northern Minnesota at the cabin, but I've been saving these pictures for so long, knowing they'd be perfect to share for the fourth! This adorable coastal home is in Seabrook, Washington...and from the looks of it, the picturesque community has one heck of an old-fashioned Independence Day celebration! Check out this slideshow–it looks so fun!

Have a fun-filled, safe holiday weekend!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guest Blogger: Maria of Maria's Farmhouse

Greetings Fellow House of Turquoise Fans!

My name is Ruth Maria.  I am the owner of on and a blogger - (   I am thrilled and honored to be your guest blogger here on House of Turquoise while Erin is away. 

I’ve always been skeptical about beach décor until my friend & owner of The Seashell Collection, Janet, introduced me to the calming qualities these colors possess.  Janet's way of staging draws you into a world of sea life beauty.  The more I visited Janet's shop and Erin's blogs, the more I began to fall in love with beach colors.

In admiring Janet's shop and Erin's blogs, (yes, I too am a big fan as well), I've come to realize that you don’t have to live on the beach to enjoy beach décor.

My living room needed a facelift and so I decided to paint the walls with Martha Stewart's Sea Anemone color.  I also added touches of aqua and turquoise to my home décor through textiles, and one of my personal favorites, my garage sale $10.00 table which I refinished and painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I also added a touch of France through my drapery panels, which I purchased at Calico Corner. I am so pleased on how my living area turned out and so I decided to share a small part of my personal space with you in hopes that it'll inspire you.

Don't be afraid to decorate with colors you love and admire.  After all, your home is your sanctuary, a place where you relax, love and create beautiful memories with family and friends.


Love turquoise? Visit my shopping blog Everything Turquoise...updated several times throughout the day! Check out Decor by Color for even more color-themed shopping!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Guest Blogger: Lisa of Lisa Mende Design

Thank you, Erin, for having me as a guest blogger while you are on vacation with your family. House of Turquoise is one of the first blogs I started following and still love reading it daily. Turquoise is my favorite color so naturally I look for every opportunity to use it in my home and my clients homes. Recently, I was honored to be asked to design a bathroom for American Standard's luxury line, DXV. I am excited to share that project with your readers today.

First, let me tell you a little about DXV, in case you aren't familiar with the brand. As Amercian Standard Brand entered its fifteenth decade of business, it launched DXV by American Standard, which is a flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products. It was the company's way of celebrating its 140-year heritage. The concept was to take the most influential design movements and re-imagine them with collections representing Classic, Golden, Modern and Contemporary eras.DXV fixtures and fittings do not merely reproduce styles from each era; rather they are inspired by historically significant designs, reinterpreting them in light of today’s aesthetic and performance demands. Each of the DXV movements includes one or two bath-fixture suites and complementary faucet collections. The portfolio also includes a collection of kitchen sinks and fittings, as well as the AT Series, a state-of-the-art smart toilet and bidet seat that perform as superbly as they look. DXV products are available exclusively through luxury showrooms.

Last year the DXV products debuted in New York City with a grand unveiling of bathrooms and a kitchen designed by professional designers from the US and Canada. It was an exciting top secret project that culminated with the debut of the panel member's beautiful designs in New York City. I am honored to be a member of this year's DXV's 2015 Design Panel. Meet the other talented designers chosen for the 2015 panel here. As a designer on the panel, I was asked to reinvent a classic piece of literature into a modern day bathroom using the DXV product lines.

The object was to tell my story using DXV products while using a classic novel as my muse. I chose Breakfast at Tiffanys by Truman Capote; because it is one of my all-time favorite movies and because the leading lady in the book, Holly Golightly is a southerner like myself. Did you know that Holly Golightly was born Lula Mae Barnes and hailed from a small town in Texas?

Once I had the book in mind, next came the job of designing the space. Again, I took inspiration from the movie main character. In the opening scene, Holly Golightly is peering into the window of Tiffany's as if she were dreaming of owning a lovely piece of jewelry from the iconic store. I wanted a voyeur type shot to mimic that scene. The photo above serves as an analogy for Holly longing for a life of luxury and jewels. Don't you long to soak in the beautiful tub when peering through those beautiful Tiffany blue Metrie doors in a room flooded with natural light? The DXV St George tub was the first item I chose for the space. I could picture Holly Golightly luxuriating in that tub after a night out socializing on the town. In the book, Holly's only job trying to capture a husband who could afford her dreams of a lavish lifestyle. She spent late nights on the town socializing, so relaxing was important to Holly's routine.

“My design is a nod to mid-century chic with the furnishings and lighting. I then combined those elements with classic, high-society elements. I’m wanted a unique, eclectic mode: chic and sophisticated, but with a little whimsy mixed in, reminiscent of Holly Golightly herself.”

Holly's spartanly furnished New York brownstone inspired me to keep things simple. I decided to make the walls white brick and the floors gray chevron rough-hewn wood. If you look back at the movie her furnishing consisted of a bathtub cut in half and made into a sofa and zebra skin rug. I didn't have the heart to saw one of DXV's gorgeous tub in half, so I chose to use a GreenHides zebra stamped cowhide on the front of the Vanities. The zebra hide is the perfect inspiration for Holly since she was a wild little minx and enjoyed a good party. I wanted the set to be mod and a little glam, so white lacquered cabinets with a champagne finished hardware seemed the perfect choice to create that vibe. I discovered the Modern Danish chairs on eBay, which were purchased and sent to an upholsterer and recovered in Tiffany blue ultra suede. I love the dressmaker details on the chairs that were a nod to Holly's feminine side. The scalloped apron with covered buttons and the long diamond trapunto design on the back fo the chairs, as well as the tall, graceful lines, seemed to represent Holly's graceful nature. I also chose to mix the metals in the room as a nod to jewelry for the room much like Tiffany's offers many finishes of jewelry in their store.

The DXV products were important to the design of my bathroom. I chose the products first and designed the room around them because I wanted the beautiful DXV products to be the stars of the room. I chose the beautiful vessel faucet from the Rem Collection because of its sculptural, design. It commands attention over the sink and draws the eye down to the sink.

I chose the square vessel sink from the Pop Collection because of its sleek design. The juxtaposition of the smooth lines of the sink against the rough brick walls and white lacquered cabinets provide the perfect tension for the space.

The floor mounted tub filler from the Landfair Collection adds classic, refined elegance and works perfectly with the sculptural St George tub. Isn't it a beauty? Don't you love the bubbles in the tub and the Pelle' chandelier over the tub both giving a nod to the champagne bubbles Holly so adored?

To achieve the look I was trying to create for the space, I chose Balmoral Classic silver leaf finished mirrors from Michael Smith Collection from Mirror Image and the Mira Sconces in gold from Cedar & Moss.

I also chose the Lola table from Emporium Home with quartz details as a compliment to the tub and the furry sheepskin pouf from Modnev here in Charlotte to add softness to the space. The tub is filled with glass bubbles, and the bubbles are repeated in the lovely Pelle Chandelier hanging above the tub in salute to Holly Golightly's love of champagne.

And yes, that is a real cat! He is an actor cat and comes with his handler. His name is Cooper, and he is exactly like the cat in the movie that Holly called simply "cat".

All photography courtesy of DXV and Kendall Studios

The beautiful doors are from the Fashion Forward Collection from Metrie and the hardware is brass doorknockers I found online. The Tiffany Blue color is a trademark color, so I had to custom mix my own.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about my bathroom design for DXV. Please visit DXV to see all the beautiful designer product lines. I love this company and plan to incorporate DXV in many upcoming projects.

Please take a few minutes and visit DXV to see the other designer's projects! Each designer's interpretation of their classic novel is amazing!.

Thank you, Erin, for allowing me to guest post today! I invite your readers to visit my blog Lisa Mende Design and to follow me on instagram to get a view of my current work, as well as Pinterest to see what inspires me and twitter to have a conversation!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Guest Blogger: Minhnuyet of Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors

Hi! I'm Minhnuyet Hardy. I'm an Atlanta, Georgia based interior designer of smart, stylish spaces that serve as a backdrop to the refined lifestyles of top CEOs, urban executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and celebrities. Whether it’s a stylish bachelor pad, cultured man cave, a high-tech home office, a custom wine cellar, a handsome cigar room, or enhancing your everyday environment, I pride myself on knowing what is needed for smart, stylish living.

I was very flattered when Erin from House of Turquoise asked me to write a guest blog post and the timing could not have been more perfect! I recently finished a tween's bedroom and it is absolutely oozing the color turquoise. Below is a behind the scenes rendition of how we overhauled this little lady's room to create her dream space.

This tween's room was particularly fun to work on.

It brought me back to my early teenage years... discovering design, fashion, and my own budding creativity... So, I knew when sitting down with this adorable, young lady we had to create something sophisticated, yet playful, that would see her through high school graduation. It needed to be lively and young, while simultaneously reflecting an adolescent transforming into a young woman. Not the easiest of tasks, but one I was ready to face head on.

We began by choosing a color palette. My sweet client LOVES turquoise and brown. So we went with a completely turquoise and brown design concept. We started with the ceiling and worked our way down. The room has a nice, tall ceiling so we wanted to highlight that by covering it with a beautiful, Moorish patterned York wall covering.

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

Then, we chose the wall color. Turquoise. Are you surprised? This shade is so vibrant and fresh, while still being sophisticated.

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

After that, to continue to draw the eye upward, we chose custom curtains with petal cutouts and a chandelier with turquoise blue crystal teardrops that couldn't have been a more perfect discovery for the room. With these gorgeous curtains and this lovely chandelier, this tween can control the amount of light in her room as she experiments with makeup and new outfit combinations (as we all know... lighting is EVERYTHING).

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)
(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

We then chose bedding. The bedding is composed of a custom bedskirt and pillows with a ready made duvet cover and shams and a couple of small decorative pillows from Homegoods. (You can achieve a very expensive and chic look while still keeping costs low by combining ready made AND custom pieces.)

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

We did not purchase new furniture for the room (it was originally purchased from Pottery Barn Kids), however, we did rearrange the furniture substantially. My young client was very sure of the color palette she wanted, but when it came to the flow of the room and furniture placement, she was less sure of herself. So, I saw a an opportunity to explain the virtues of function and efficiency in regard to interior design. (Can one ever be too functional or too efficient? - I think not.)

We centered the bed in the middle of the room, with artwork on either side. Put her desk to the right of the bed so she could easily walk between them and do homework on her laptop from her bed OR her desk (teens LOVE options). And we placed her dresser with a lovely black and white chandelier canvas (every room needs a little black as it grounds the space) above it opposite her bed. Everything feels open, airy, and efficient even though the room is not overly large.

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

Then, to complete the room, we chose turquoise and brown accessories, eye-catching artwork, and a soft, high pile brown rug.

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)

For me, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing the smile on my clients' faces as they see their finished room, and this one was one of the best. This wonderful tween is so happy with the results of this turquoise transformation. She absolutely loves it. It is a lively reflection of a creative, fun, tween who is becoming a sophisticated, young woman.

(Interior Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Christina Wedge)


If you are in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area and desire interior design services or have any inquiries, please contact me at

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Have a smart, stylish, & wonderful day!


Minhnuyet Hardy
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